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When Guingona asked again how many bags he was carrying, the messenger said: Isang maleta po at saka po parang traveling bag na mahaba, saka po isang bag na pambabae na parang shoulder bag.
I met with Finch last month in Frankfurt--he now shuttles between the United States and Germany, armed with a huge traveling bag full of lighting equipment--to discuss these projects, including a work in progress slated to open this fall in Dresden with an artificial "cloud" floating among dancers.
Even though the plywood base of the suitcase or traveling bag is never seen by the user, the strength and shape of the bag are entirely dependent on the basswood panels under the fabric or leather covering.
In prosecuting Sergio and Lacanilao, Veloso's family said they hoped it would bring to light their argument that Veloso was a victim of human trafficking and had not been aware she was carrying 2 kilograms of heroin in a traveling bag on her way to Indonesia in 2010.
His intervention can at times be both slight and pointedly direct; Traveling Bag, 1992, is just that--a battered and much used small suitcase inside which Pranger secreted a motor and wheels.