traveler's check

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a letter of credit issued by a bank or express company that is payable on presentation to any correspondent of the issuer

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Inside the car, officers found $3,600 in cash - but didn't recover any more bogus traveler's checks because the women told police they had used up their supply, Conrad said.
Sellers beware: Someone is using fake traveler's checks to pay for goods and services.
Almost all other traveler's check issuing companies have followed suit, using watermarks to identify their checks.
PERHAPS NOWHERE IS THAT MORE EVIdent than in the traveler's check end of the business, which makes up a major portion of the department's investigations.
Currency exchange businesses, which include check cashers, money transmitters, and sellers of money orders and traveler's checks will be required to register with the government by December 31, 2001.
The longest dormancy periods involve traveler's checks and money orders (which can be used as cash equivalents in many transactions), with most other types of property falling somewhere in the middle.
The shortest dormancy periods usually involve uncashed vendor and payroll checks; the longest periods, traveler's checks and money orders.
Traveler's checks are a safe way to carry funds, but you must have proper identification to convert them to cash.
While you wait for replacement traveler's checks and credit cards, you ask Aunt Sally back home to wire you some money.
1) The most prevalent problem in the industry, by far, centers on check fraud, but also involves other counterfeit negotiable instruments, such as traveler's checks, credit cards, certified bank checks, money orders, and currency.
NEW YORK -- The plane ticket is suddenly not where it should be, or a debit card gets eaten by a foreign ATM machine, perhaps the traveler's checks and passport are effortlessly lifted from a pocket -- and suddenly a standard business trip becomes a journey to bureaucratic hell.
Stash a small amount of cash or traveler's checks at home in a place where you can get at the money quickly in case of a sudden evacuation, or if a disaster shuts down local ATMs and banks.
She has also used her membership privileges to purchase traveler's checks and obtain discounted fares on hotels, train tickets, and car rentals.
A quick trip to the bank to change traveler's checks becomes a 1.
Some were sold to criminals seeking a new identity or to defraud credit card companies, cash traveler's checks and commit welfare fraud.