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a period of time spent traveling

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There is also a limit on working time of 48 hours each week and employers should review whether such travel time exceeds this limit.
When handing down his opinion earlier this year, the Advocate General (AG) said the travel time should be classified as working time.
However, the employer is not required to compensate the employee for travel time if the employee is only required to report back to his or her regular workplace to perform an emergency job after returning home for the day.
Samsung's My Places widget provides Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owners with 'glance and go' insight into the best route, travel time and ETA from their current location to home and to work.
Within Doha, travel time from NDIA will be 10 minutes to the Doha Main Station, 17 minutes to West Bay Central Station, 28 minutes to Education City, 48 minutes to Al Khor, 1:02 hours to Ras Laffan, and 1:08 hours to Dukhan.
Washington, Jan 11 (ANI): North Carolina State University researchers say that the so-called "superstreet" traffic design results in significantly faster travel times, and leads to a drastic reduction in automobile collisions and injuries.
The 805-million lira rail project between Ankara and Konya will reduce 10 hours travel time to 75 minutes.
Answer: When an hourly employee is assigned to work at a specific branch (let's call that the fixed official workstation) and she has already reported to work at the fixed official workstation, if she is then told to go to another branch to work for a day, the interbranch travel time is paid time.
Economists have devoted considerable attention to estimating travel delay externalities, and the marginal value of travel time savings--often referred to as the "value of time" (VOT)--typically dominates the estimation of highway improvement benefits (Small 1992).
Birmingham New Street to London Euston travel times will routinely take one hour and 24 minutes - shaving six to ten minutes from the current peak travel time.
Patrick yesterday is $75 million to improve the Fitchburg line, with emphasis on measures to shorten the 11/2-hour travel time between Fitchburg and Boston.
The messages, part of a new service from the National Traffic Control Centre, tells drivers the expected travel time to specific junctions.
Driving during nonpeak commuting periods, for instance, can reduce travel time by as much as 37%.
Three months ago, Caltrans started using electronic message signs along Los Angeles' most congested freeways to provide estimates of travel time to various destinations.