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a sum allowed for travel

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Cox, the director of the Public Integrity Unit, told the Texas Tribune in 2012 that the office launched the investigation after the state auditor's office alerted him to "some irregularities with his travel reimbursement forms.
Ohio consolidated business processes, previously handled by individual state agencies, into a single division and standardized accounts payable, invoice processing, travel reimbursement, etc.
Ghalambor often asked for travel reimbursement from both ULL and the institutions or businesses he visited on behalf of ULL, including some trips to Iran.
The investigators reported receiving grants, travel reimbursement, consulting fees, and lecture fees from Merck, Novartis, and several other pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as the National Osteoporosis Foundation.
The selected physician will receive a full benefits package, including medical, dental and life insurance, as well as malpractice coverage, paid CME, and local travel reimbursement.
With today's volatile economy, authorizing travel reimbursement for our drilling Reservists is an attempt to ease the burden of traveling extensive distances to serve their country.
In March 2008, two students, Heather Cook and Lindsay Morris, received the FACEI Student Travel Reimbursement Award of $100 each.
She said: "The problem with concessionary travel reimbursement for this service is that Coach Travel Wales wish to use a method of calculation that is very different from the standard method approved by WAG "Officers from several Welsh Authorities have had a meeting with Coach Travel Wales and another operator to attempt to come up with a method of reimbursement appropriate for such services.
00 travel reimbursement requirement for all South African clinical trial participants, irrespective of the clinical nature and context of the study.
Amid efforts to prevent physicians from accepting small gifts, meals, and travel reimbursement from company sales representatives, the new study highlights a potentially much bigger problem.
All passengers were given EU travel reimbursement forms and got help finding accommodation.
Understanding the finances allows directors to ask, for example, if spending is in line properly, if controls are in existence and being followed to ensure proper travel reimbursement, or if procurement rules are being followed.
Lundeen will work about 30 hours a week and be paid $2,250 a week plus $125 a week for travel reimbursement, district officials said.
Over the years, Cox had filed a series of discrimination complaints, including one that accused Amann of racial bias in the handling of Cox's travel reimbursement.
Noted the Post: "House ethics rules bar the acceptance of travel reimbursement from registered lobbyists and foreign agents.