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Neutrinos seem ideal for tinkering with Cepheids because these subatomic particles travel rapidly and interact with matter so weakly that they could penetrate all the way to the star's core.
The technology we have now is helping us travel rapidly to the location of the emergency.
But demand for overseas travel rapidly shrank in Japan after the terror attacks on the U.
Myelin helps messages travel rapidly along nerve cells.
He said: ``Vehicles are no longer able to travel rapidly through the area because of the humps.
With the stress of business travel rapidly escalating, it can be hard to keep up with the rigours of working on the road and the physical demands on the body.
The DEUCE must travel rapidly between job sites and travel across and on paved airfields and highways without damaging the surface.
The first view of the eclipse will be just north of Land's End, and then it will travel rapidly across most of Cornwall and South Devon.
A snowmobile is a high-performance motorized vehicle mounted on a track and skis that enable it to travel rapidly deep into remote snow-covered wilderness areas, where it gets stuck.
The lever also gives a 'fast forward' set of cam lobes that control the steam supply to the pistons in such a way that it is used to great advantage and will let the waggon travel rapidly on level ground.