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a small lightweight iron that can be carried while traveling

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London, Aug 26 (ANI): A new study has found that men have become vainer than women that they refuse to travel abroad without packing their hair straighteners, hairdryers and travel irons.
FOR (Currys Essentials E10TIR10 travel iron, pounds 8.
Travel irons are also purchased by more consumers as they are small and compact enough to be carried around.
The Cypriots drive on the same side of the road as us and you don't even need an adaptor to plug in your travel iron or your hairdryer - perfect for the high-maintenance traveller such as myself.
She says: "If you've forgotten to pack a travel iron, use a hairdryer - a hot blast will get rid of creases.
Where do they put their hairdryer, travel iron, fourth pair of sandals and three bottles of suntan lotion of varying SPFs, for heaven's sake?
And in the past few days a stereo player, travel iron, video, mobile phone and more than 50 CDs have been taken from student addresses in Forefield Place, Claremont Road and Market Corner also in Old Town.
Other compact products include a curling duo, a retractable, collapsible curling brush and styling wand, an 800- watt travel dryer, a travel steamer, travel iron, jumbo travel rollers and folding travel mirror.
After checking out of their motel the next morning, they stopped at a store to buy a travel iron.
You may miss out on the incomparable fun of boiling water in a tiny kettle or pressing your clothes with a travel iron more suited to making toast than desquashing Hawaiian shirts.
Clients choose the colours they want to work with, then Marion uses a travel iron to melt the wax.
With the holiday season now in full swing, Pifco has launched a new World Travel Range - hairdryer, kettle and travel iron - small enough to fit into any suitcase or hold-all.
Save pounds 5 on the Lloytron mini travel iron - only pounds 14.