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a guidebook for travelers


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Google has acquired the travel guidebook brand Frommer's in a bid to tighten its grip on the location-based reviews market.
TOKYO - Japanese map and travel guidebook seller Shobunsha Publications Inc.
And with a little help from your trusty travel guidebook, of course.
However, he said he lost control of his vehicle because of a travel guidebook that accidentally fell on him while he was driving.
Cardiff was yesterday described as "a city transformed" in a travel guidebook list which rated the Welsh capital as one of 13 must-see destinations for 2008.
TRAVEL guidebook Lonely Planet's Bluelist, drawn up every year, is said to capture the best in travel experiences for the coming year from around the world.
HERE'S A NIFTY CONCEIT: a travel guidebook featuring descriptions of famous sights, only these are fictional "places of interest," twenty-two stories--by the famous and the not-so-known--that dot the literary geography of the regions of Chile.
There is an inherent problem for any travel guidebook author or publisher.
The publisher of Japan's leading travel guidebook has given 378,000 readers' names and addresses to UNICEF, which wanted them for direct mail, without telling the people concerned, an official of the company said Friday.
SEPTEMBER 1, 1998, marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the South American Handbook, the longest-running travel guidebook in the English language and almost certainly the best-loved by its readers.
Not your typical travel guidebook, it focuses on traditional settings that are the cradle of black communities--churches and barber shops, colleges and museums, restaurants and nightspots.
The survey was carried out by travel guidebook publisher Rough Guides, who asked readers for their opinion.
The new Sarrat stands guard as it were, over what is theorized to be the old seat of the town, now called Nagrebcan (destroyed)," reads a portion on Sarrat of the book "Ilocos Norte: A Travel Guidebook.
com)-- A new travel guidebook publisher has released the first nature adventure guide to Phuket, Thailand.
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