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a guidebook for travelers


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There is an inherent problem for any travel guidebook author or publisher.
The publisher of Japan's leading travel guidebook has given 378,000 readers' names and addresses to UNICEF, which wanted them for direct mail, without telling the people concerned, an official of the company said Friday.
SEPTEMBER 1, 1998, marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the South American Handbook, the longest-running travel guidebook in the English language and almost certainly the best-loved by its readers.
Not your typical travel guidebook, it focuses on traditional settings that are the cradle of black communities--churches and barber shops, colleges and museums, restaurants and nightspots.
The popular travel guidebook publisher has unveiled the accolade in its prestigious Lonely Planet s Best in Travel 2015 its collection of the world s hottest trends, destinations and experiences for the coming year.
Having launched his career as a writer for the esteemed Frommer's travel guidebook series, Daniel Levine is well-versed in the intricacies of the travel industry.
Said to have been taken in March or so, the video shows the Germans demanding as to why they are being detained since they have done no wrong and had heard about the pub in a travel guidebook.
Andrew Harper members enjoy a number of privileges, including exclusive access to his boutique travel service which delivers bespoke planning based on his trusted; the monthly Hideaway Report which contains frank and timely reports of exotic, classic and luxury hideaways and The Andrew Harper Collection - a leather-bound, uber travel guidebook compiling 900 of the finest hotels and hideaways in the world.
This travel guidebook focuses on the art and architecture of Prague, in chapters that are arranged geographically.
Much more than a simple rehash of Cannon's musings, the 362-page title by the co-author of the fishing and travel guidebook ``The Baja Catch'' (Apples & Oranges Publishers) blends more than 400 classic photos by Cannon and others with Kira's insightful text to revitalize the man's observations.
Through partnerships with top travel guidebook publishers, the site aggregates thousands of books and trip itineraries that describe over 10,000 destinations.
Dublin has been voted the world's second friendliest city by readers of Rough Guides the popular travel guidebook series.
She attended the launch of a new travel guidebook by Tourism Ireland for the Japanese market, before speaking at a business event organised by Enterprise Ireland.
While Luke Bosdet adds: 'Every travel guidebook has two or three pages at the front with some useful tips.
Fodor's "Caribbean 2006" was judged Best travel guidebook.
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