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(frequently plural) expenses incurred by an employee in the performance of the job and usually reimbursed by the employer

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U.S., (7) the Ninth Circuit ruled that, "Home for him (James) was wherever he happened to be at the time." Travel expense deductions are not allowed because the taxpayer must be "away from home," and the homeless taxpayer has no home from which to be away.
The new rule on spouse travel expenses, which was established by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1993, continues to cause consternation in the association community.
Taking air fares into the equation, Scottish MPs submitted the biggest travel expense claims by far.
The per-diem was intended to reimburse drivers for travel expenses; drivers were flee to spend the per-diem in any manner they chose.
Travel expenses include not only actual transportation, but the cost of lodging, meals (subject to the 50% limitation), local transportation, telephone use, and similar expenses while in a "travel mode."
As our society becomes increasingly mobile and the security of employment more and more uncertain, it is likely that the seeking of travel expense deductions will gain greater prominence.
A total of $5,700 in travel expense money was judged to have been misappropriated in that case and softball head coach Rick Gamez subsequently resigned.
Again in Tucker (1971), the Tax Court said the purpose of the travel expense deduction "is to mitigate the burden upon a taxpayer who, because of the exigencies of his trade or business, must maintain two places of abode and thereby incur additional living expenses."
In addition to a monthly salary of e1/43,640.33, all deputies are paid an additional allowance of e1/41,945.75 to cover their social interactions relating to their jobs, a monthly allowance for secretarial services of e1/41,025.16, and monthly travel expenses of e1/4683.44.
Integrated billing solutions like the BTA can facilitate streamlined business travel expense processes that enable greater flexibility and cost control."He added: "Companies using the American Express Business Travel Account stand to benefit from savings on process costs related to the reconciliation of travel expenses, as well as from strengthened management control of such costs".
9, it announced that it had fired Rafal Laski, vice president and director of the nonprofit's Central/Eastern European program, after finding $34,000 in travel expense "irregularities." In May, the president and CEO of the supporting Heifer Foundation, Janet Ginn, resigned amid allegations of copyright infringement and plagiarism.
It transpired that Smith had claimed travel expenses to the value of pounds 200 from the hospital and had also made travel expense claims to the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport.
The auditors did recommend more detailed travel expense documentation.
The Norwegian software and outsourcing group Visma ASA said on Monday (29 May) that its software arm Visma Software ASA has agreed to acquire the business area Travel Expense from Exense Software AS.
Specifically, the regulations prohibited employees from accepting compensation, including travel expenses, from non-government sources for teaching, speaking, or writing relating to the employees official duties, Id.
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