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According to Lark, 8 million people travel by air in Brazil, although Gol estimates as many as 50 million Brazilians could afford to travel, quite a potential market.
Currently, travel by Embassy personnel outside of the capital is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Revenue ruling 70-558 allowed a deduction for the business use of aircraft when the employer did not require the use but permitted employees to travel by the company plane in urgent situations.
The Tenth Circuit reversed the Tax Court's disallowance of the cost of the Lear jet to fly to the Oregon property, but did not criticize the Tax Court's allowance of first-class airfare in lieu of a showing that the expenses attributable to an alternative means of travel by air were reasonable.
The staff stated that one of the best ways to ease the stress of travel was to travel by the means which provided travelers with the most restful and the least stressful accommodations possible.