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Run of the mill men and women do love to travel along the 'easy mile', but men and women of excellence consistently do travel along the extra mile.
The march will then travel along Donegall Square, Howard Street, Queen Street and Castle Street.
Both TrackSaws travel along an anti-slip aluminum track, allowing users to make clean, straight and precise cuts.
THANKFULLY, this is not a documentary depicting the now-defunct Anglo- Norwegian boy band's comeback tour, but an original half-hour film that tells the stories of a number of ordinary people who work, live or travel along the road that links London and Edinburgh.
Now - as part of the lengthy campaign to permanently reopen the freight-only route to passengers - three specially-chartered Northern Rail trains will travel along the line on June 7.
As for now, enough of the system has been constructed to make this a reliable, stress-free method to travel along the waterfront.
Their electrons travel along a wire connected to a cathode suspended in the overlying water, which contains oxygen (SN: 7/13/2002,p.
We have made major progress with the design for the first segment, which will travel along Division Street.
For system designers, travel along this path involves adding new pieces, parts, and functions.
After a long journey, the Vikings travel along a coastline, and finally build a shelter and plan to explore the area, perhaps to winter.
Now in its 13th annual edition for 2005, Along Interstate 75 is the definitive guide for highway travel along I-75 and especially within Florida.
The current plans for future Metro lines include the Bartley Green Spur, which would leave the Hagley Road via Chad Road and travel along Harborne Road.
This classification allows it to travel along the Kaministiquia River and within the breakwall on Lake Superior.
Perhaps the most pleasurable way to see Myanmar--feel its pulse, live its legends, and understand its history--is to travel along the Ayeyarwardy River on the Road to Mandalay luxury river cruiser.
Overland: This means joining a wagon train, usually in Kansas or Missouri, to travel along the California or Oregon Trail.
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