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travel along a certain course

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The memorandum circular complements the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) proposal to ban all provincial buses to travel along Edsa, which will, in turn, shut down 47 provincial terminals located in the main thoroughfare.
Spectators and ticket-holders were left disappointed last week as engineering works in Manchester derailed the plans for the Flying Scotsman to travel along the coast on September 15.
But now the final route plan would see the bus avoid Islington, Erskine Street and Low Hill and instead travel along New Islington and Brunswick Road and on to West Derby Road.
You cannot love to travel along 'the easy mile' and live a successful and significant.
The march will then travel along Donegall Square, Howard Street, Queen Street and Castle Street.
U.Thakanchen, Managing Director, CRWC flagged off Mobile Van for 'Innovation Mobile School' project which is equipped with all teaching and learning material and will travel along the construction sites and temporary jhuggi sites.
When viewed in extreme ultraviolet light, magnetic field lines are revealed by charged particles that travel along them.
Over 260 million tourists are willing to travel along the Great Silk Road, Kyrgyzstan's Tourism Department Director Daniyar Kazakov told Tazabek citing statistical data of the World Tourism Organization.
It will then travel along the M53 leaving at junction 9 onto the A5032.
Both TrackSaws travel along an anti-slip aluminum track, allowing users to make clean, straight and precise cuts.
THANKFULLY, this is not a documentary depicting the now-defunct Anglo- Norwegian boy band's comeback tour, but an original half-hour film that tells the stories of a number of ordinary people who work, live or travel along the road that links London and Edinburgh.
Now - as part of the lengthy campaign to permanently reopen the freight-only route to passengers - three specially-chartered Northern Rail trains will travel along the line on June 7.
The group had set out at 9am yesterday to travel along a 3 km-stretch of the river.
As for now, enough of the system has been constructed to make this a reliable, stress-free method to travel along the waterfront.
'Catholic, Jew and Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Confucianist,' he said in a speech in 1948, 'all find they can change where needed and travel along the good road together.' Interestingly, he also believed that the Muslim nations, stretching from Morocco to Indonesia, could be 'a girder of unity' for the world.
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