travel allowance

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a sum allowed for travel

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'Despite this, they get accommodation and travel allowances,' he said.
Apart from the salary, she is entitled to various allowances like house rent and leave travel allowances. She has been claiming exemption from tax in respect of all the allowances.
The nomination board has decided to propose to the General Meeting that the remuneration of the members of the supervisory board be kept at the same level as in 2018, with EUR250 per meeting as meeting compensation; EUR250 for meeting and proceeding dates as compensation for loss of working time; EUR1,500 per month as fee of the chairman of the supervisory board; fee of EUR750 per month for the deputy chairman and travel allowance according to the company's travel policy.
He further added, "Now, including travel allowance, the legislators are drawing only around Rs 39,000.
ALLOWANCES SOUGHT: Wapda hydropower workers union has expressed concern over nonpayment of arrears of travel allowance and off-day wages due to insufficient budget for increased nine sub-divisions.
One such measure is the LTA or Leave Travel Allowance, one of the best tax savings tools that one can avail, for salaried employees to avail tax exemptions.
Clerks belonging to building, education, highways, works and services, social welfare, railways, forest, agriculture, food and other departments observed strike and demanded up-gradation of their cadres ,increase in salaries according to the ratio of inflation and provision of house rent and travel allowance, etc.
PS49k annual salary for MLAs after PS1,000 increase72 number of days MLAs must go to Stormont to qualify for benefit1% deduction for each day less than 72PS7.5k Maximum travel allowance per year is
Andrews Castle and a PS150 travel allowance. To enter and be in with a chance of winning this great prize, go to
The oft-traveling Owens' travel allowance, by the way, has been cut by the frugal city council to $1,000 this year, along with a cut in her pay from $110,000 to $70,000.
NOW that Nick Clegg has come up with the idea of rich pensioners losing travel allowance, how about all rich MPs losing theirs - say any MP on PS20,000 or more.
The foundation owns 15% of Allan Gray Namibia's operations from which it receives a share of Financial support including payment of school and hostel fees, uniforms, civilian and sports clothing, bedding, travel allowance, stationary and book allowance, extra mural allowance, extra tuition allowance and pocket money.
The ministries have also been asked to avoid transfers so that expenditure related to it on account of allowances like; travel allowance and transportation of luggage could be saved.
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