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the branch of medicine that deals with the surgical repair of injuries and wounds arising from accidents

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is a board certified Orthopedic Traumatologist and Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon.
Eric Gentry, a leading traumatologist, has suggested that "people who are attracted to care giving often enter the field already compassion fatigued.
The diagnosis of tension pneumothorax/hemothorax and laterality can be a major challenge to even the most seasoned traumatologist, especially in the face of concomitant blood loss.
This is a "classical" medical team - a surgeon, a traumatologist, and an anesthesiologist.
These medications are going a long way in preventing serious damage in the joints," says Harry Spiera, MD, Traumatologist and professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
Psychotherapist, Behavior Modification Specialist, Traumatologist, and Truth Practitioner Phyllis Reid adds another title to her already-impressive list of specialties: published author.
Communication between radiology staff and the traumatologist must be clear and concise.
The first tier teaches principles of immediate support leading to certification as a Field Traumatologist.
Abu Hasan Asaad Abdullah (Consultant Traumatologist and Head of the Department of Emergency, Kuala Lumpur Hospital), the Ministry of Health and the Women's Aid Organisation, that organised the study tours and facilitated initial training in Dhaka.
00pmAT Christmas, Leo (John Spencer) orders a traumatologist to force Josh (Bradley Whitford) to confront his unacknowledged stress resulting from when he was shot.
As a political traumatologist speaking to the international press (a majority of interviews published here are with European media), Chomsky adopts the manner of a Puritan minister on the fate of sinners in the United States.
Within a few months more than a thousand professionals received at least one workshop of training, and fifty-eight completed the entire five-course program of training and received a certificate as a Registered Traumatologist (Figley, 1998).
Expert help failed to restore his mobility until he went to the clinic of German traumatologist Hans Wilhelm Muller Wohlfart.