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the branch of medicine that deals with the surgical repair of injuries and wounds arising from accidents

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Services for the conduct of work on electrical measurements of power, lighting postings and electrical equipment of traumatological, psychoneurological, gynecological, therapeutic, administrative and obstetric buildings, operblock, diesel, oxygen, urban center of transfusion, tsco and autoclave
Stainless steel 316L is the type widely used in traumatological temporary devices such as fracture plates, screws and hip nails.
He recently completed work on a new book tentatively titled "In the Throe of the Future: A Traumatological Inquiry into History, Culture, and Normative Order.
DISCUSSION: Fixation of long bones belongs to the most frequent operations in traumatological and orthopaedic departments of all levels.
The progress made in elective hepatic surgery backed by modern anesthesia and reanimation techniques have had a positive effect also on traumatological liver surgery, reducing mortality rates down to 10 to 15% [8].
After college I went into partnership with my father and co-owned and operated a business renting medical and traumatological home equipment in Mexico.
Vascular 21 Neurological 28 Respiratory 2 Rheumatological 3 Haematological 1 Endocrinary 9 Digestive 7 Drug-induced 2 Dermatological 1 Urologic 1 Traumatological 5
With PASS MIS[R], the PASS LP[R] philosophy is harnessed uncompromisingly in the surgical treatment of traumatological spinal column pathologies and degenerative lumbar-region pathologies.