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Synonyms for traumatize

Synonyms for traumatize

to inflict physical or mental injury or distress on


Synonyms for traumatize

inflict a trauma upon

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The meeting was also attended by the representative of federal government Marvi Memon, In the meeting it was decided that a committee constituted of doctors which will provide treatment to the patients and parent of APS incident who were facing mental stress and traumatize after the incident.
He added that the health department and PakArmy doctors will constitute a committee of doctors who will provide the treatment of APS patients and their parents who traumatized and were facing mental stress , adding that those people who traumatize after the incident of APS they were also contacted with this committee and get their treatment.
PESHAWAR -- A trauma council unit has been made effective in Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar for traumatize and mental stress patients after the incident of Army Public School.
He further said that because of the APS incident which not only affected the children but as well as their parents and all other people who were visiting the LRH after the incidents they were all became traumatize and facing mental stress disease.
He added that special unit constituted in LRH which were comprising on two psychiatrics doctors , adding that the doctors will provide psychological treatment to the patients while different tactics will be use to out the traumatize patient from mental stress and became them a normal citizen of the society.