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Synonyms for traumatize

Synonyms for traumatize

to inflict physical or mental injury or distress on


Synonyms for traumatize

inflict a trauma upon

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Clinicians would benefit from identifying and applying protective practices that mitigate the risks of indirect traumatization.
Patients with FM reported significantly higher levels of traumatization, somatoform dissociation, and alexithymia, as well as significantly more frequent traumatic experiences, than did RA patients.
The effect of childhood trauma, personal wellness, supervisory working alliance, and organizational factors on vicarious traumatization.
Unfortunately, the empathy that brought us to this work and which is necessary to do the work well can also be a genuine job hazard that contributes to dissatisfaction, burn-out, vicarious traumatization (Pearlman & Saakvitne, 1995), and impaired work performance.
In Deller's work, inmates do not appear as "creative subjects" but as politically astute and critically aware citizens, in various conditions of distress and state-ordered and authorized traumatization.
Once traumatization has occurred, a child's natural ability to cope may be disrupted due to the overwhelming nature of the trauma (Terr, 1991).
He covers post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), other principle disorders, special populations, and secondary traumatization.
Vicarious traumatization is the idea that through hearing about sexual trauma in clients, therapists will also experience a level of trauma.
For many asylum applicants, staying in the United States is only one of many critical steps in the process of recovery from traumatization.
Vicarious traumatization or compassion fatigue is the cumulative transformative effect on the helper of working with survivors of traumatic life events (Bloom, 2003).
6) By definition, "the effects of vicarious traumatization on an individual resemble those of traumatic experiences.
Although it is rare that children experience PTSD when their parents are deployed during a war, it is quite common for children to develop a form of PTSD known as secondary PTSD or secondary traumatization.
Studies of secondary traumatization provide knowledge of specific variables regarding STSD development, such as a worker's caseload, personal and professional experience, and exclusive exposure to traumatized clients (Ghahramanlou & Brodbeck, 2000; Hyman, 2001; Myers & Wee, 2002).
1995, Trauma and the therapist: Counter-transference and vicarious traumatization in psychotherapy with incest survivors, W.
These include attempting to fulfill gendered social roles, having a history of abuse and traumatization, and experiencing relationship problems (Colman & Widom 2004).