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marked tissue damage, especially when produced by physical injury


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Kinetotherapist students can be satisfied first of all by their attitude to offer support, aid to people needing to consolidate or to restore the functions of some parts of the human body which have been affected by diseases or traumatisms.
Cependant, cette naissance a I'univers du symbolique est vecue et reflechie comme un traumatisms en ce qu'elle signifie le passage d'un etat fusionnel indifferencie a celui de la differenciation des formes.
The general exclusion criteria were diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, encephalic traumatisms, cardiovascular diseases and/or hypertension, cataracts and/or glaucoma, pulmonary problems, audiological problems, and alcohol and/or drug abuse.
The definitions and clinical significance of dentoalveolar traumatisms presented by Andreasen et al.
2005) traumatisms (Zardini 1984) Baccharis articulata digestive, antioxidant (Lam.
He is a patient with multiple traumatisms, a cranium fracture and an exposed fracture of his right leg," Cancela said.
Key Words: Prognostic, Head Trauma, Traumatisms, Morbidity, Mortality, Hematoma, Surgery.
The function of stabilization in every plans, but mainly, the rotational is one of the most important and it is directly related to the meniscal traumatisms (Xavier et al.
In the midst of the clashing and clanging of seemingly disjointed signifiers," writes Charles Krance, "the events, accidents, and traumatisms of journeys past are transposed and made intrinsic to the subversive articulation of the text, in which they appear as many textual aftershocks" (20).
The draft Ministerial political declaration stresses serious concern about the trend in the link between the environment and health and emphasises how much better and economically viable it is to prevent health problems and traumatisms in the first place than to try to remedy them when they occur.
On the political level, ethnopsychiatry has above all served in the West to find an understanding of, and relief from, the traumatisms stemming from the transplanting of immigrant populations.
There are also other factors determining low motricity, for example affectivity disorders, cerebral traumatisms, etc, this factor being of particular interest for our study (J.
These generally stem from complex personal backgrounds that often generate traumatisms, as well as extremely precarious living conditions.
3% mother-infant dyads were selected according to the following inclusion criteria: [1] free and informed consent terms signed by mothers; (2) questionnaires properly answered; (3) no history of traumatisms, syndromes, orofacial clefts or any other developmental anomalies that could be detrimental to breastfeeding; (4) no history of finger-sucking habit; and (5) children had never undergone orthodontic treatment or speech therapy.