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marked tissue damage, especially when produced by physical injury


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This protection is instituted passengerely when it is not available to institute a guardianship or a trusteeship; for example, for the victim of an accident that caused him a traumatism or a passenger coma state and when for those some months it is not useful to establish a guardianship or a trusteeship.
Occurrence of primary incisor traumatism in Brazilian children: a house-by-house survey.
Exclusion criteria were (1) to be involved in any exercise in a sports club, (2) to present a history of major disorders (e.g., muscular, neurological, metabolic, and cardiovascular) that would limit their participation in exercise, (3) to be under medication that could alter their heart rate, (4) to present cardiovascular, neurological, or respiratory (i.e., requiring treatment with oxygen therapy) disorders, (5) to receive medical treatment (i.e., beta-blockers, corticosteroids, and neuroleptics), and (6) to present a traumatism (in the past 2 years) or ankylosis of a large lower limb joint (hip, knee, and ankle).
The hypertrophy is related to the variation of the ratio between elastic fibres and collagen fibres in the most superficial layer of the ligamentum flavum, due to the micro traumatism produced by metameric instability on the ligamentum.
Gayet, "Pseudopapillary and solid tumor of the pancreas with diffuse peritoneal carcinomatosis: role of tumoral traumatism," Gastroenterolgie Clinique et Biologique, vol.
However, if the blebs are located in the inferior portion, bleb traumatism due to the frequent eye drops or ointments instillations may occur.
This hypothesis would clarify why gastric xanthomas seem, by all accounts, to be more successive than esophageal xanthomas, as traumatism and irritation might be better endured by esophageal squamous epithelium than by gastric columnar epithelium [10].
Novell, "Repair of necrotic cutaneous lesions, secondary to tangential traumatism over detachable zones," Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, vol.
Chbeir said those who witnessed the horrors of war suffered from 'traumatism' and depression.
The book Prometni traumatizam (Road Traffic Traumatism), written by our physicians and other professionals involved in the management of road traffic traumatism, was printed in 2012 by Medicinska naklada from Zagreb.
Whereas Kreyling speaks of an infestation, Gwin talks about what "festerfs] in contemporary southern writing" (516), distinguishing between "'traumatism'" (morbidity, festering) and "'traumatonesis'" (suture, healing), and postulates that it is at the juncture of the two where much southern literature exists and continues to find its relevance (517).
Although there is no evidence that the use of opiates may be the direct cause of these disturbances, the poly-toxicomania pattern these subjects usually present, the high frequency of cranial traumatism and the nutritional deficiencies associated with their lifestyle makes them a risk group for neuropsychological impairment (Devlin et al., 2012; Ersche et al., 2006; Lundqvist, 2005; Rodriguez-Alvarez & Vazquez-Justo, 2002).
The encounter with the Other is governed by the "traumatism of astonishment" (Levinas 1969: 73) insofar as this encounter poses a threat to one's "being at home with oneself" (1969: 39).
The correction of deflections of the nasal septum with a minimum of traumatism. JAMA.