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Synonyms for traumatism

marked tissue damage, especially when produced by physical injury


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As the serious situation in road traffic continues and the number of traffic accidents fails to reduce in spite of the 'black statistics' and warnings, textbooks like this one are of utmost importance, contributing to solving the problem of road traffic traumatism.
Ten months later, she came backto our office due to severe hip pain with no history of traumatism to justify it.
To be sure, Zizek's interpretation of Levinas is less than generous, since Levinas himself formulates the ethical encounter in the language of traumatism.
Relateaza un traumatism cranio-cerebral comotional la varsta de 13 ani si psihotrauma la 14 ani, dupa care a survenit prima internare in Spitalul "Socola" in 1987, prezentand o simptomatologie de tip nevrotic reactiv, pe fondul unei personalitati introverte, cu elemente obsesivfobice de tip misofobie.
The triggering event of a fat embolism can be a traumatism or surgery.
On July 2008, a 46-year-old man was transferred from a Tunisian Regional Hospital and he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit at the Military hospital in Tunis, Tunisia for a severe cranial traumatism.
During necropsy, intense epistasis, oral cavity bleeding, hemothorax and hemoperitoneum were observed, suggesting that the cause of death of this maned wolf was traumatism, probably due to road killing.
absence of a history of traumatism, visual, auditory and/or mental deficiencies and
For instance, Romania is on the first position in the heart disease death statistics, on the sixth place in the lung disease death statistics and on the third position in the high blood pressure death statistics, on the fourth position in the liver disease death statistics, on the eighth position in the colon cancer death statistics, on the ninth position in the stomach cancer death statistics, on the eleventh position in the breast cancer death statistics, on the twelfth position in the suicidal death statistics, on the thirteenth position in the road accident death statistics, on the seventeenth position in the diabetes death statistics, on the forty-seventh position in the birth traumatism death statistics.
25) The haunting gets increasingly internalized, with the ghosts being reduced to the repressed 'other', mere manifestation of patients' traumatism.
But as Derrida suggests, the traumatism which followed, like all traumatism, "is produced by the future, by the to come, by the threat of the worst to come, rather than by an aggression that is 'over and done with.
In "Substitution," Levinas asserts that this structural susceptibility emerges "in suffering, in the original traumatism and return to self, where I am responsible for what I did not will, absolutely responsible for the persecution I undergo.
There was no history of cranioencephalic traumatism, alcoholism or coagulopathies.
At the health centre of El Mojon, where Diego went with his sister-in-law Natalia, the doctor who examined the girl diagnosed a mild nasal traumatism.
the distance of what is near), and the disruption of our safe detachment from events occurring in other spaces or times, through some sort of telesensing, or telaesthetic traumatism (i.