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Synonyms for traumatism

marked tissue damage, especially when produced by physical injury


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Installing of roadside safety guardrails may reduce traumatism and losses caused by traffic accidents.
Upon the analysis of the morbidity and traumatism rates within the boundaries of an operational zone of military missions frequent occurrence of various injuries is particularly noticeable.
He praised good nativism as based on a preserved identity and assumed political autonomy, and opposed it to a nasty will to power, based on irrational anti-White feelings: a neurotic attitude following a strong culture contact traumatism, for which past acculturation is held responsible.
O]n the one hand, to conjure away, as if by magic, the "thing" itself, the fear or the terror it inspires (for repetition always protects by neutralising, deadening, distancing a traumatism, and this is true for the repetition of the televised images we will speak of later), and, on the other hand, to deny, as close as possible to this act of language and this enunciation, our powerlessness to name in an appropriate fashion, to characterise, to think the thing in question, to get beyond the mere deictic of the date: something terrible took place on September 11, and in the end we don't know what.
For them, the exhilaration that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by the traumatism of not being immune in the aftermath of September 11, had created the illusion that world problems may best be solved by military means.
Occurrence of primary incisor traumatism in Brazilian children: a house-by-house survey.
There was no history of prior endocarditis, drug abuse, traumatism, or concomitant disease.