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any tumor derived from cells of the nervous system

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Our case demonstrates successful use of percutaneous core biopsy sampling providing final diagnosis of traumatic neuroma.
Traumatic neuroma in a patient with breast cancer after mastectomy: a case report and review of the literature.
Peripheral nerve tumors that may manifest in oral cavity includes several differentials such as schwannoma (also known as neurilemmoma or peripheral nerve sheath tumor), neurofibroma, neurinoma in association with multiple endocrine neoplasia, palisaded encapsulated neurinoma, traumatic neuroma and granular cell tumor.
25,26) The concept, that ultrasound could be the method of choice for diagnosing traumatic neuromas, (34) was illustrated by a case report of a traumatic neuroma in an adult woman who received median nerve and associated tendon repair following a suicide attempt.
Traumatic neuromas may occur in the stump of the cystic duct after a cholecystectomy.
The traumatic neuroma is a non-neoplastic lesion characterized by the proliferation of schwann cells and nerve fibers that arise following injury to a nerve.
3) Traumatic neuroma is most likely caused by an injury to the peripheral sensory nerves.
Bilateral traumatic neuroma of the anterior cervical nerve root: case report.
Ameloblastoma has been reported to occur with calcifying odontogenic cyst, (10) traumatic neuroma, (11) aneurysmal bone cyst, (12) osteogenic sarcoma, (13) basal cell nevus syndrome, (14) glandular odontogenic cyst, (15) osteoblastoma, (16) and squamous cell carcinoma.
Such lesions recently have been labeled granular cell traumatic neuroma in an article published in the ARCHIVES by Rosso et al,[4] who found some examples in mastectomy scars.
They can be further divided into traumatic neuromas, palisaded and encapsulated neuromas (PEN), and mucosal neuromas associated with multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) 2B.
Traumatic neuromas in the beak stump after trimming have been implicated as a cause of chronic pain in commercial hens (Breward and Gentle, 1985; Gentle, 1986b; Lunam et al.