traumatic epilepsy

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a convulsive epileptic state caused by a head injury

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INTRODUCTION: Post traumatic epilepsy is recurrent episodes of seizure occurring after 24 hours of brain injury, up to the 1st week of injury (early PTE) or after 1st week of injury (late PTE).
The diagnosis of post traumatic epilepsy was made based on reviewing the available patient data.
Seizures occurring weeks or months after injury are called late seizure & recurrent late seizures make up the clinical syndrome of post traumatic epilepsy.
The American Epilepsy Society (AES) has developed the following position statement to address the increased need to provide evaluation of veterans with traumatic brain injury; educate patients, families, and health care providers about epilepsy following TBI, and to promote new research to treat and prevent post traumatic epilepsy. The AES recognizes that the VA has been a leader in the evaluation and treatment of epilepsy over many years.
Mr Regan suffered severe concussion and later developed post- traumatic epilepsy.