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(71) Other licensed and trained professionals, like physicians, police officers, psychologists, social workers, child protective service workers, and ambulance personnel already have the benefit of research focused on how they manage emotionally while working closely with those exposed to traumatic events.
Most research related to religion and trauma focuses on how religion is helpful for coping with a traumatic event.
Therefore, when a child experiences a traumatic event, their mental recovery depends mainly on the mental state of their parents, especially if the parent was exposed to the same trauma.
* A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Traumatic Brain Injury.
Medical traumatic stress is a well-substantiated area of research in pediatric medical populations focused mostly on acute-onset, distressing, life-threatening conditions (such as cancer) and emergent events (such as accidental injury) (Landolt, Vollrath, Gnehm, & Sennhauser, 2009; Marme et al., 2002; Shemesh et al., 2000; Stuber & Shemesh, 2006).
The rising trend in a traumatic brain injuries and associated increase in morbidity and mortality asks for newer and more rapid trends of assessing and diagnosing the patient and thus planning a streamlined management rather than haphazard treatment and assessing in emergency department, as timely diagnosis and treatment can help decrease long term morbidity in these patients as primary damage cannot be undone but secondary damage can be controlled5,6.
We asked whether we could identify something unique to the storage of traumatic memories to get at the heart of the problem," said Courtney Miller, lead researcher of the project.
It may involve the tooth, the periodontium and the surrounding oral structures.1 Dentoalveolar traumatic injuries pose a threat to the overall health of the oral tissues and are considered a serious dental health problem around the globe.
Objective: To investigate the relationship between childhood's traumatic experiences, maladaptive schemas personality disorders and examine the indirect effect of childhood traumatic experiences.
Objective: To determine incidence and characteristics of traumatic Tympanic Membrane perforation in a tertiary care hospital.
31, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- The use of helmets may not protect alpine sports participants from traumatic brain injury, according to a study recently published in Wilderness & Environmental Medicine.
Looks like Singapore is about the experience a 'Post Traumatic' session as Mike Shinoda has announced a show at the lion city as part of his Asia tour.
This is because each blow to the head kills millions of brain cells leading, over time, to a degeneration of the brain called CTE - chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
THE AVAILABILITY OF SOCIAL SUPPORT after a traumatic event such as a natural disaster could help buffer the development of depressive and PTSD symptoms in individuals exposed to the event, research shows.