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Therefore, when a child experiences a traumatic event, their mental recovery depends mainly on the mental state of their parents, especially if the parent was exposed to the same trauma.
A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Traumatic Brain Injury.
Medical traumatic stress is a well-substantiated area of research in pediatric medical populations focused mostly on acute-onset, distressing, life-threatening conditions (such as cancer) and emergent events (such as accidental injury) (Landolt, Vollrath, Gnehm, & Sennhauser, 2009; Marme et al.
The everyday prevalence of what we might call the discourse of the traumatic event presents a quandary for those political analysts seeking to develop critical theoretical or disciplinary insights with which to diagnose, address, or engage this emergent global milieu.
Medistem Inc (PINKSHEETS:MEDS) on Tuesday announced plans to collaborate with Dr CS Chen, head of the division of oncology and haematology of Loma Linda University and Dr Anatol Manaenko, Zhang Neuroscience Research Laboratories for animal studies assessing the ability of the ERC stem cell product in the treatment of traumatic brain injury.
Now all of our nation's Service members who suffered severe traumatic injuries while serving their country can receive the same traumatic injury benefits, regardless of where their injury occurred," said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K.
However, until now, no research had been done showing a correlation between traumatic brain injury and stroke.
After the investigators controlled for PTSD symptoms at the time of the second survey, no differences were found between soldiers who reported a mild traumatic brain injury and those who had not sustained a brain injury in terms of depression, problematic drinking, social functioning, and quality of life.
The ER physicians say they want to differentiate subarachnoid hemorrhage from traumatic taps.
Resolving Traumatic Memories Related to Persistent and Recurring Pain.
The purpose of this research was to evaluate the relationship between past traumatic events and the level of current traumatic stress among mothers experiencing homelessness.
There was no evidence that a multiple session intervention aimed at everyone following a traumatic event was effective.
Traumatic events included traffic accidents, armed robbery /violence, traumatic child birth, physical trauma, diagnosis of childhood cancer, and a range of other civilian traumatic experiences.
In 2005, Congress created a traumatic injury insurance benefit program, known as TSGLI, to help servicemembers with traumatic brain injury and other serious injuries with the financial burdens that they and their families face.
ISLAMABAD -- People who suffer a traumatic brain injury may be at increased risk of developing dementia even after 30 years, said a new study.