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Synonyms for trashiness

the quality of being cheaply imitative of something better

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But the pic could generate enthusiastic word of mouth from those impressed by its brassy trashiness, and wind up earning a tidy profit through assorted homescreen showcases.
Afterward this resemblance vanished beneath Billow's goatee.) Already it had become obvious that Billow's pianism possessed exceptional virtues that dovetailed nicely with those of other virtuosi: Billow had all Liszt's bravura without Liszt's lapses into trashiness, and all Mendelssohn's superbly controlled fingering without Mendelssohn's sense of emotional inhibition.
Nevertheless, in the very next moment, the barrel inevitably relapses into lowbrow trashiness. In this respect, "Cantina Sociale" was a sly and subtle commentary on exhibition practices and the autonomy of the modern artwork.
In fact, as Margaret Schwartz persuasively argues in this issue in her analysis of the fad for 'upskirt' paparazzi shots, it is possible to posit a link between the anatomical and the cultural here: after all, both the female genitals and the concept of female celebrity are seen as representing a perceived "lack", "unearthing an unconscious connection between female celebrity and male pleasure, emptiness, and trashiness".
Some conditions, like the trashiness of local TV news, are perennial complaints, while others, like the supposed demise of muckraking, are unsubstantiated.
"I love Kael." He prefers Kael's "humanity and her virtuosity," her "exuberant, excessive, intimate, emotional" style, her "good vulgar trashiness," and her "fizz of the American vernacular," to Sontag's "loftiness," "detachment," "lunar beauty," and prose that is "as colorless, as odorless, as tasteless, and as intoxicating as vodka." He seems to think that while Kael was down in the marketplace with the nitty-gritty, Sontag has spent too much time since Against Interpretation mooning about among safe masterpieces.
Without denying the trashiness of much American popular culture, Chabon issues an aesthetic and ultimately moral defense of escapism as it is found in one of America's only original contributions to world culture (along with jazz music), superhero comic books.
Pierre's first novel, Vernon God Little, might--and certainly ought to--change all that: for it takes a very special kind of person not to recognize the book's deep and irredeemable, though no doubt socially and culturally representative, trashiness. Even the initials of the author's pseudonym, D.
"Here, let's truss up your thingy," Anna had said, wrapping her slip around him, exciting him with her trashiness when must of the women he knew were so tame.
My title here is "beyond trashiness"--another choice might have been "taking trash seriously."
Arvay's desire to keep this threat at bay, to dam up her inherited abjection, her innate, inborn, class-affiliated, in-the-genes trashiness finally fails.
In my forthcoming Political Essays is a chapter "'Tailgate' and the America Haters" in which I speak of the Clinton-Lewinsky-Starr affair (CLS) as exemplifying "the cultural decline of America, the sheer trashiness." Nothing since has led me to revise that opinion.
While the right keeps scapegoating "Hollywood" (a k a "the Jews", this movement must stick to the facts, and point out that the media's trashiness is a predictable result of the dominion of those few huge corporate owners.
Perhaps it is an atavistic need for nature that compels us to plant trees in our communities, but we also do it simply to soften the hard lines of concrete-"to blot out," writes Don Willeke, "the starkness, the irregularities, the trashiness, the jarring contrasts.
In so doing, it reveals the misogyny of the postfeminist celebrity landscape, unearthing an unconscious connection between female celebrity and male pleasure, emptiness, and trashiness. Although the use of "vagina" and "vajayjay" seems to indicate a certain loosening of traditional definitions of appropriate female behavior, I argue that these words are deployed in what can only be termed an anachronistic campaign to sanction the sexual exploitation of women.