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It all began five years ago when he found six Qurans, Islam's holy book, discarded in a trash pile.
It should be in a museum - not an unrecognisable wreck in a trash pile. What a tragedy."
They are generally non-biodegradable trash pile that cannot be broken down by the elements."
Dubai's dry heat and lack of heavy rainfall translates to a virtually non-biodegradable trash pile that cannot be broken down by the elements.
I built a raised garden and filled it with fine soil removed from a nursery's trash pile. I love the fresh veggies and reduced food bill.
On one shoot, my Dad was behind us, spotting, when M2-guy saw a rat run up the trash pile Dad was on.
The fire which broke out in a trash pile in the popular resort town of Bodrum quickly spread to wooded area.
Never let boxes or other trash pile up next to the building.
If either of these bullets had been swept up without anyone noticing, it could have gone off in the trash pile, possibly killing or hurting a Marine.
Much of his assertions have been relegated to the trash pile of error and deception.
The closest we get to disciplined ethnography is the discovery that there are three mores in the empire: the first scrounger to the trash pile has first dibs, leave the trash neater than you found it, and take only what you need (a principle he regularly violates).
Unfortunately, it wasn't long before Lincoln's direction was changed yet again, and Renucci's and Kammerer's work was relegated to the trash pile.
A huge round of applause and thanks to Amy Sullivan for revealing the truth that Democrats are not yet ready for the trash pile of history.
As luck would have it, I'd noticed a funnel-shaped sheet metal hopper on a trash pile next to the owner's garage.
[1] LETHAL SEDUCTION By Jackie Collins (Simon & Schuster, $26) Collins, the queen of Tinsel-town smut, is back again with another romp through the glamour trash pile. This one stars Madison Castelli, the heroine of Collins's L.A.