trash pickup

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the collection and removal of garbage

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But when people sort compostable wastes at their source - the home or business - prior to trash pickup, the metal content of the resulting compost drops dramatically, notes Jackie Prince, a staff scientist with the Environmental Defense Fund in Washington, D.C.
Trash pickup in the city is suspended until further notice, according to MLive, due to a dispute over which vendor will receive the Flint garbage collection contract which should have been in place following the prior contract's expiration on July 29.
Any time heavy snowfall is predicted, city residents ask the question: Will there be trash pickup?
Other projects receiving grants are the University of Delaware, which will conduct composting education in schools and other group settings; the city of Wilmington, which will conduct an assessment of the costs of implementing curbside recycling for all residents that receive trash pickup from the city; Delaware City, which will expand its subscription curbside recycling program to all interested residents of the city; Rehoboth Beach, which will make improvements to its existing beach and boardwalk recycling program; and Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences, which will expand paper recycling at Delaware State University and conduct an environmental education campaign for students there.
Those initiatives include the automization of trash pickup coming by early 2015, increased leaf-and-limb pickup and the introduction of more agile mini-trucks for downtown trash pickup.
The councilman said the limitation was "an erosion" of a free trash pickup benefit the town was supposed to realize with waste hauler Casella Waste Systems Inc.
For several decades, solid waste and scrap paper generators in New York City were at the mercy of a cartel that colluded to rig bids and fix prices for trash pickup and paper recycling services.
Under terms of the new contract, which will take effect "on or about April 1," there still will be weekly trash pickup and biweekly recyclables pickup, but there will be a difference.
The city's second weekly trash pickup will end, but those without recycling canisters will continue to have twice-weekly trash pick-ups and twice-monthly recycling collections until they receive bins.
He said the current version of the leaf collection program grew out of regulatory requirements that started decades ago, after burning was prohibited and curbside trash pickup began in the city in the 1970s.
PAXTON - Because of a new disposal contract, the Board of Health has put a limit of five bags of trash, each no larger than 30 gallons or 30 pounds, for the weekly trash pickup.