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A 7-year jail sentence and Rs100,000 fine was further awarded for concealing the body in a trash heap.
Irma, at times a category five hurricane, packed winds of up to 295km/h (185mph), turning the picturesque tourist haven into a sweltering trash heap without power, water or communications.
"Let's all commit right now to leaving the terrible ghosts of the past in the trash heap of history.
"Rugby league can be fickle and as soon as you are away from the limelight, you can be on the trash heap," Cunningham told his club's website.
Trash talk: In the wake of the deadly collapse of a hill of trash in Shenzhen, China, some people are expressing concern about a similar trash heap in south Tehran.
"I'm really sorry, man,'' he said, tossing his Louisville Slugger into the trash heap that used to be my bathroom.
They studied the contents of a former trash heap to find clues to the occupants' diets.
While Jose is tortured and killed by the cops in one part of town, Raphael (Rickson Tevis) finds the billfold in his local trash heap, and shares the cash with friend Gardo (Eduardo Luis).
The trash heap becomes their world… There is no world outside of the Trash heap.
Soiled and too weary by the lack of enough sleep Grief of our favourite food not appealing anymore; Our neglect may even turn a house into a trash heap With a brain too bewildered to focus furthermore.
Current residents include sisters with special needs, a 2-year-old boy who was living on a trash heap and a teen who was orphaned, adopted and left on the street again.
And that's good news for Hollywood stylist Sarah Wallner, creator of, who is credited by many fashion industry experts as having almost single handedly rescued crochet fashions from a seventies trash heap when Marie Claire featured her classically inspired, yet versatile crochet collection in a 2011 special magazine insert.
Without their voluntary contributions over the last few years we would already be on the "trash heap of history." However, our membership is aging, the numbers have been trending downward, and we have been unable to broaden our appeal in order to attract the next generation of support.
The documents found in Tripoli trash heap also referred to the 200 million dollar arms deal.
and [author Annie Leonard] talks about our stuff, its life from inception to trash heap, and it's made me think a little more.