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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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On May 22, Saracco retrieved 50 iPhones worth $22,450 from a table, put them into a trash can, walked the can to the exit and placed the items in his vehicle, Bruno said.
It's a common sight to see an empty can or a crisp wrapper carelessly thrown outside trash cans in public areas.
And trash cans are used to keep cells free of waste.
Paper towel usage increased by half-a-paper-towel per visitor compared to usage for the 15 days prior when only a trash can had been in the restroom.
Deborah Steinkamp, director at the Spencer County Solid Waste Management District in Chrisney, IN, says that her district has been using the mini trash cans in conjunction with its Business Recycling Programs since 1995.
VIPP, A DANISH COMPANY KNOWN THROUGHOUT EUROPE for its high-end trash cans, has opened a U.S.
One possibility was to eliminate trash cans from its stations altogether.
Hines would like to personalize the trash cans with his store's insignia, but feels that is too costly to work within his advertising budget.
Young said providing trash cans to all residents would ensure that all cans have lids on them, which would help prevent the township from paying to dispose of rainwater.
4 OXO Good Grips Brushed Stainless Steel Rectangular Trash Can, 10-Gallon ($119.95)
Soon, according to the plan, the bleak and cluttered urban streetscape will give way to softening foliage in street-friendly planters and tree grates, unbroken sidewalks, street furniture made for relaxing on a sunny day, and trash cans with additional places to separate recyclables.
Brabantia, for example is expanding its fingerprint-proof finish from its trash can line to laundry care.
"The trash can has become a piece of furniture in the kitchen," said Kerrie Keirnan, director of sales and marketing for Brabantia U.S.
CHICAGO-OXO Good Grips entered the trash can segment with stainless-steel and plastic models at the International Home & Housewares Show here last month.