trash bin

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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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This "genius guitarist" chose a trash bin for the performance.
Another cheaper solution is to add a EoACAydiverter' to a single chute that directs waste in the basement to several trash bins, at a cost of Dh9000 per floor.
Two of the three boys who appeared Tuesday in court also admitted second-degree arson charges for setting a trash bin fire outside a Dari Mart one day after the stadium went up in flames.
The Singer E-Z Trash Bin can be instrumental in preventing time consuming and frustrating messes when handling heavy garbage bags.
When she emptied the trash bin she found a tightly wrapped plastic bag containing the baby soaked in blood, who was gasping for breath.
The overseas Filipino worker allegedly gave birth to George Francis and left him inside an airline trash bin last September.
Fiore's ex-husband, Ryan Alexander Jenkins, has been charged with the gruesome murder of the 28-year-old beauty whose body was found in a stuffed suitcase in a California trash bin on August 15.
According to Montermoso, she doesn't know the foreigner personally and just happened to see him fixing the trash bin along Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City.
Recyclables can be dropped in the red trash bin. Items accepted include computers, laptops, servers, cell phones, PDAs, LCD monitors, speakers, keyboards and other small electronic items.
Two of the four Eugene boys charged with burning down Civic Stadium in June also stand accused of setting a trash bin fire, but information released earlier this month by Lane County officials relating to the youths' potential involvement in a third blaze is incorrect.
Henifin wore a face guard and protective clothing to move more than 300 bottles to a steel trash bin and most had exploded by Tuesday.
Even the little Indian girl sitting on the next row understood it and carried her foam cup to the trash bin after the movie was over, so how come these adults didn't?
The draft federal Charter principally authored by Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo 'should go straight to the trash bin.'
Williams said the citys refuge trucks have been equipped with a device that will lift the can instead of the city employees manually lifting heavy trash bin themselves.
- 721 Throne Drive, Eugene, trash bin fire, $100 damage.