trash bin

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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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The police later found the necklace in the trash bin.
Are you worried about residential trash bin cleaning?
It's quite offensive to treat us like trash bin for abusive cops.
Berlin has trash bins on every corner, we build spaces excusively for recycling bins and glass collection containers.
The Singer E-Z Trash Bin can be instrumental in preventing time consuming and frustrating messes when handling heavy garbage bags.
for a trash bin fire in the rear of building about 11:30 p.
There are trash bins in every corner but I don't know why people don't throw them there.
On the left and right sides of the trash bin, there are two holes for throwing the garbage.
The trash bins are placed so as to sort out waste from paper and plastic for recycling use.
Try these tips for implementing your own mini trash bin program:
was robbed at her front door by a thief who authorities said found her address in a CVS trash bin.
Numerous items from the victim's house, including panties and bras, were found in a trash bin across the street from the murder site.
The other household trash goes in the regular trash bin.
Mi Sook, who would become the now-American teens' birth mother, was herself found, very shortly after her birth, abandoned in a trash bin.
From this rubbish, the "smart" trash bin details consumer habits and prints result shopping lists, if requested, of food items that are running low.