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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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5 edition of The Register-Guard reported that two of the suspects had been charged with not only the stadium fire but also with two trash bin fires.
The overarching recommendation, which achieved a 20 percent increase in office recycling during the study, is to provide employees with a desk-side recycling bin along with small trash bin.
The Singer E-Z Trash Bin can be instrumental in preventing time consuming and frustrating messes when handling heavy garbage bags.
for a trash bin fire in the rear of building about 11:30 p.
There are trash bins in every corner but I don't know why people don't throw them there.
On the left and right sides of the trash bin, there are two holes for throwing the garbage.
The trash bins are placed so as to sort out waste from paper and plastic for recycling use.
To be honest, we end up with more material in the recycle bin than we have in the regular household trash bin.
In Stella, 1991/1993, two large photographs taken at different times are paired, each is of the same northeast corner of West Broadway and Canal Street, the approximate site where it is said that Frank Stella, in 1961, stuffed a black painting (Gavotte) into a trash bin because it was too heavy to carry around.
721 Throne Drive, Eugene, trash bin fire, $100 damage.
Pickett, said that although the focus seemed to be on the 27 trash bin fires, there have also been suspicious structural fires.
1 -- 2) SaniCan worker Juan Cruz, above, hoses off a trash bin at a resident's home in Santa Clarita while SaniCan co-owner Carlos Tan, at top, gives a trash bin a final sanitizing spray before putting it back on the sidewalk.
Backed against a large trash bin, Officer Foito and the woman were unable to retreat further, while the suspect continued to advance toward them.
If possible, store infested wood off the ground, ideally in a trash bin or a truck bed, and have it removed as soon as authorized.
2, 2009, spread from the contents of the trash bin and damaged a convenience store next to it, Mr.