trash barrel

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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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Wearing gloves and eye protection, remove the skin from the bucking solution and gently wring the skin over the trash barrel to get as much of the bucking solution out as possible.
One night, a few days before Christmas, the custodian entered the shop and, seeing that there was little left to dust or arrange, left his trash barrel and disappeared for a cup of coffee.
A deer carcass hangs upside down, its entrails in a nearby trash barrel. "Ewww," I think to myself.
This isn't just superstition; it can actually happen: If you ball up these oil-soaked rags and throw them away, or if they get compressed in a trash barrel, they can begin to smoke, then burst into flame--all by themselves, just as our photos show.
In Seattle the user fee is based on the size trash barrel that the resident uses.
Convicted in Massachusetts in 1975 of fatally stabbing a gas station attendant 19 times and then dumping his body in a trash barrel, Horton was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
But if you decide the old pouch has had its day and fling it into the public trash barrel, you can hardly complain if a stranger opens it and removes the forgotten $10 bill inside.
The two schools helped their alliance earn 152 points, with Clinton specializing on setting up "coopertition'' points, by stacking recycling bins in the center court, in conjunction with the opposing squad, and Nashoba setting up towers of five to six bins, topped with a trash barrel, to score major points.
This year, hubby fastened a length of dear tubing to the outside of the window air conditioner, and now we are catching that free water in a 32-gallon plastic trash barrel. We just take off the lid, and dip out the warm water.
Twenty-seven people spent 10 days working at the building site, but there was no dumpster or even trash barrel for garbage to be thrown away.
A 40-gallon, rectangular trash barrel is mounted where the golf bags would go, held in place by the golf bag's retainer straps.
2:25 p.m.: Temple Street, trash barrel in the road.
''All of the children walked to the trash barrel and threw it away,'' she said, recalling that failed experiment about four years ago.
8:33 a.m.: Central Street, turkey in the road, officer responded, no animal seen, but removed a trash barrel to one side.
1:38 a.m.: Chace and Schobert streets, trash barrel on fire.