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Synonyms for trash

Synonyms for trash

a group of persons regarded as the lowest class

to injure or destroy (property) maliciously


Synonyms for trash

worthless people

an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride

express a totally negative opinion of

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* Conduct a basic waste assessment/audit (for benchmarkingl and evaluate current trash and custodial contracts.
He also noted that the Verde Soko facility is fenced and guarded, making it difficult for intruders to come in and light up the trash.
Piles of trash can become piles of gold if managed in a proper way.
'Instead of throwing away plastic trash, people learn how to put these to good use.
Cleaning up the dump sites seems like an obvious solution, but it doesn't really work--new trash appears seemingly overnight.
He maintained that the country would "not allow its territory to be treated as a dumping ground for trash by any foreign country or entity."
The conveyor belt carried the trash out of the water and into a large trash bin.
Sad truth is, even if at the same time, the whole country embarked on a full-scale cleanup campaign today, trash would still find its way to our shorelines unless we change our mindset, and eventually back this up by enforcing it with law.
The 34 towns with trash unit-based pricing fees saw municipal waste disposal rates drop between 42 and 54 percent compared to towns without such programs.
However, despite all that effort around two kg of trash still accumulates, leaving them no option but to squeeze it into trash bags and send it away on a departing resupply vehicle.
The pickers, mostly destitute elderly with no other way to make money, scavenge for and collect trash to resell.
Trash Wheel, a googly-eyed, trash-gathering, giant water wheel that has been keeping Baltimore's Inner Harbor clean since 2014.
Brecksville, OH, April 12, 2017 --( Colored trash bags are undoubtedly one of the most handy products, when it comes to garbage disposal.
Shoppers are already buying store brand food storage and trash bag products, but new features and an emphasis on convenience could spell growth in the category.