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the sport of shooting at clay pigeons that are hurled upward in such a way as to simulate the flight of a bird

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"Everything is sponsored by the Amateur Trapshooting Association."
For many adults, its 28-inch barrels might be too short for trapshooting, though the reduced forward weight will be just the thing for younger shooters.
My sons like to use it for trapshooting. It's an excellent kid-sized gun with manageable recoil The problem is that the operating handle comes off.
In early twentieth century America, baseball and trapshooting went hand-in-hand for major league ballplayers.
Herb Parsons was posthumously inducted into the Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 1995, the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame in 1997, and the Tennessee State Trapshooting Association in 2001.
The first was a short-barreled gun I used for a while for skeet and the other was purchased later for trapshooting and bird hunting.
Back in my early days of trapshooting, hearing protection was almost non-existent.
Nearly 400 veterans and service members with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, visual impairments, neurological conditions and other disabilities made their way to the clinic to test their mettle at sports like skiing, scuba diving, hockey, rock climbing and trapshooting.
Whether you want to shoot for prizes or cash, the Pacific International Trapshooting Association's shoot is Saturday and Sunday at the Cottage Grove-Eugene Sportsmen's Club.
In trapshooting, Manavjeet singh Sandhu bagged a bronze.
After all he notes that in 1997 Purdue won all five collegiate clay target national championships and both the Club and Open Collegiate World Championships at the Grand American World Trapshooting Championships in the same year--a "first" he said for a college team.
He married a white woman, earned a steady income, owned a comfortable home in Philadelphia, joined the Freemasons, and pursued such middle-class leisure activities as golf and trapshooting. The pitcher also enjoyed a solid reputation with Mack, who, although he sometimes espoused the racial stereotypes of the era, celebrated Bender as a clutch performer.
Tuesday - Trapshooting, Auburn Sportsman's Club, 15 Elm St., Auburn.
This is how I was raised, and I remember with crystal clarity every single bird hunt, first with both my father and grandfather, later with my dad and still later with high school chums and trapshooting buddies.
Activities such as Alpine and Nordic skiing, snowmobiling, scuba diving, fly-fishing, wheelchair golf, wheelchair self-defense, rock wall climbing, sled hockey, trapshooting, blues harmonica instruction, dogsledding, goal ball for the visually impaired, wheelchair fencing, and amputee volleyball are only a small number of the adapted sports and activities that have been offered over the past 20 years.