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a person who engages in shooting at clay pigeons that are hurled into the air by a trap

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Three years ago the ATA initiated the Southern Illinois Patrons of Youth Trapshooting program to provide local and regional businesses, individuals and government entities an opportunity to support not only the ATA's AIM Youth Program, but also young trapshooters from the area.
It's also apparently not uncommon among older trapshooters, who have withstood tens of thousands of rounds of 12-gauge recoil annually for decades.
The totality of reporting on Bender's prowess as a trapshooter reveals he won, or at least finished "in the money," considerably more often than he did not.
Now long gone, Wayne Gray was a champion trapshooter in the 1960s.
Life's dealt Donna Woolley -- timber magnate, trapshooter, philanthropist and mother -- plenty of challenges.
Thomson said he evolved into a trapshooter after learning how to be a bird hunter from his father and uncle.
This company was founded by renowned trapshooter and inventor Ansley Fox and was known for building fine shotguns.
Cade Miller of Creswell last week became the youngest trapshooter in Pacific International Trapshooting Association history to break 100 straight clay targets in a sanctioned singles handicap competition.
I was never great, but at one time I was a pretty darned good trapshooter, back when it was less competitive than today and a whole lot easier to pick up pocket money.
But it was an even greater problem for me when I was a competitive trapshooter. In trapshooting, the "punching" caused by target panic is called "flinching." Flinching is a real problem for trapshooters, because it usually results in a complete breakdown in concentration and a lost target.
He would like to be an Olympic trapshooter, since the Paralympics doesn't offer this sport.
I forgot altogether that there was a "friendly" trap shoot (is there really such a thing for an old trapshooter?), so I didn't bring a trap gun at all.
And if you're an experienced trapshooter, you'll enjoy the competition and have a great time.
If somebody misses or cripples a deer, if somebody complains about feathering birds without bringing them down, or if a trapshooter gets angry because he broke a poor score, hint that he might change his ammunition.