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stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse

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Several studies found that traps equipped with a wet cup captured more cerambycid and buprestid species than traps equipped with a dry cup; however, because there were no Agrilus species captured in these studies, additional investigations are needed to evaluate this trapping method for A.
[USPRwire, Wed Nov 14 2018] With pest control and hygiene gaining greater significance, trapping and mating disruption systems market is witnessing more production of these systems for the end-use segments for achieving effective results and tackling with the increasing pests in the environment.
All of us have a little trapping in us, even if it's limited to setting mousetraps in our kitchens to relocate or exterminate pests.
Trapping will be permitted in the designated areas from the statewide opening until Jan.
Dive surveys (n=8) were performed a week before or after the 6 trapping trials to estimate densities of lobsters and to determine the size composition of the lobster population in the area fished with traps.
Sampling method efficiency.--Light trapping was the most efficient sampling method, with almost 1000 specimens captured, while day collecting only resulted in the collection of 250 specimens (Fig.
Keywords: disease mitigation, live traps, mouse, Peromyscus, sexual bias, temporal, trapping
Until 2013, male trapping, a potentially useful tool to monitor the NOW population and aid in control decisions, could only be used by those with access to a NOW colony to provide unmated NOW females for use as pheromone baits.
In the field of single-cell capture, both active and passive trapping principles were proposed to enable large-array single-cell positioning in a uniform environment [11-13].
Rather than true emigration, this range expansion is best explained by the increased use of various passive trapping techniques [14].
During both trapping periods, we alternated nights with and without wings.
Above all else, I recommend you read up on the trapping regulations of your state and abide by them.
Pollen should only be collected from disease free colonies and trapping should be done only during pollen flow of one quarter pound per day.
WORCESTER - Trapping season has started - at least for Asian longhorned beetles.
The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council (SAFMC) substitutes the word "pot" for "trap" when referring to the trapping devices used by the commercial fishing industry to catch black sea bass (Centropristis striata).