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someone who sets traps for animals (usually to obtain their furs)

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"Not so--not so," returned the trapper, shaking his head as one who better understood the qualities of his dog.--"Youth sleeps, ay, and dreams too; but age is awake and watchful.
The trapper was impressively silent, listening intently.
too late!" exclaimed the trapper, "for the creatur's are in open view; and a bloody band of accursed Siouxes they are, by their thieving look, and the random fashion in which they ride!"
"Down, down into the grass--down with ye both," whispered the trapper, intimating to them to turn aside to the tall weeds, which grew, in a denser body than common, near the place where they stood.
The trapper, by exercising that species of influence, over his companions, which experience and decision usually assert, in cases of emergency, had effectually succeeded in concealing them in the grass, and by the aid of the feeble rays of the luminary, he was enabled to scan the disorderly party which was riding, like so many madmen, directly upon them.
A band of beings, who resembled demons rather than men, sporting in their nightly revels across the bleak plain, was in truth approaching, at a fearful rate, and in a direction to leave little hope that some one among them, at least, would not pass over the spot where the trapper and his companions lay.
The dark and fleeting forms were already vanished, when the trapper ventured again to raise his head to a level with the tops of the bending herbage, motioning at the same time, to his companions to maintain their positions and their silence.
Once more he sought his friendly cover, and at the next instant the dark troop were to be seen riding, in a disorderly manner, on the very summit of the little elevation on which the trapper and his companions lay.
Finding his advice disregarded, the trapper took his measures accordingly, and awaited the result with a resignation and calmness that were characteristic of the individual.
"The imps have heard the hound!" whispered the trapper, "and their ears are too true to be cheated in the distance.
Quicker than the flash of his own gun he sprang upon his feet, and was throttling his opponent with a power that would soon have terminated the contest, when he felt the arms of the trapper thrown round his body, confining his exertions by a strength very little inferior to his own.
This body was collected on the very margin of that mass of herbage in which the trapper and his companions were hid.
In addition to the Winchester Trappers, Marlin also offered a very small number --I believe 500 each--of 1894 Trappers in .44 Magnum and .45 Colt.
The City of Clearwater said police and a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper responded overnight to an Eagles Landing area home where the large gator was found lurking on the bathroom floor, the UPI reported .
The trapper managed to hook the giant critter out of the water.