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Synonyms for trapped



Synonyms for trapped

forced to turn and face attackers

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The percentage of females trapped in the yellow-bottomed artisanal trap (74%), the clear artisanal trap (63%), and the McPhail trap (63%) was significantly greater than that of males captured (Fig.
Rather, the sticky trapping surface becomes increasingly fouled as each trapped insect covers part of the glue surface (fig.
Non trapped colonies were more active in brood rearing than trapped colonies (Abou EL Naga et al.
Such investigations can be done by tagging trapped fish and monitoring their escapement and survival by divers.
Look for a "racetrack" effect or jetting that can cause air to become trapped in the polymer.
Among the items that the team has trapped are viruses and nanocrystals.
As the trapped neutrons beta decay, the resulting energetic electrons generate scintillations in the liquid He.
By the 1960s, Sweeney no longer trapped, but his interest in trapping remained keen, spurred on by the government trappers with whom he worked as a brand inspector for the Montana Livestock Commission.
Instead, they are more commonly trapped "by accident," falling into a pitfall along a runway (1).
Animals were trapped in the Elan and Hazelles forests near the city of Charleville by using 100-m trap lines, each containing 34 non-baited small rodent INRA box traps (6) in the spring, summer, and autumn of 1997, 1998 (plus one session in December 1998), and 1999.
Better to say that the idea of the trapped animal that the works propose functions as bait for the mind.
The campaign is also a response to what is thought to be a government scheme to deceive Canadians and Europeans about leghold trap use and the pain caused to trapped animals.
You see, steam simply won't go where air is trapped.
Fur trapped in Timmins finds its way all over the world, beginning with an auction in North Bay which is attended by 100 to 150 buyers from Canada, the United States and Europe.
Under the South Bay Homeless Cat Coalition's trap neuter return or TNR program, homeless cat are humanely trapped and taken to HSSV, where they are evaluated, vaccinated, sterilized and ear-notched for identification.