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Synonyms for trapped



Synonyms for trapped

forced to turn and face attackers

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The percentage of females trapped in the yellow-bottomed artisanal trap (74%), the clear artisanal trap (63%), and the McPhail trap (63%) was significantly greater than that of males captured (Fig.
Rather, the sticky trapping surface becomes increasingly fouled as each trapped insect covers part of the glue surface (fig.
trapped single cells based on large-array U-shape trapping weirs [20,21] and Shoji et al.
Non trapped colonies were more active in brood rearing than trapped colonies (Abou EL Naga et al., 2008).
Only 34 mink were reported, 28 of which were trapped; the rest were salvaged.
johngarthi population is not expected, but evidence showed that traps remained undamaged after three months of immersion, and although the number of crabs per trap decreases with longer soak times, after 1,000 h of immersion each contained 7-18 crabs, which may have been trapped since the beginning of the fishing period.
Furthermore, additional behavioral, ecological or genetic studies can be carried out on the trapped spiders if required.
Bubbles are either pockets of trapped gas or vacuum voids.
High velocity air can be trapped above the disc, locking the trap in the closed position.
Both trappers put maximum pressure on the ball but with minimum chances of fouling the trapped ball-handler.
"We can trap smaller objects than can be trapped by any other means--all the way down to individual proteins" claims Adam E.
Sex ratios of trapped skunks range from 1:1 (Stout and Sonenshine, 1974; Fuller and Kuehn, 1985; Greenwood et al., 1985; Sargeant et al., 1982) to significantly female biased (Bjorge et al., 1981).
Blood samples from each of the trapped mammals were frozen in liquid nitrogen in the field and subsequently stored at -70[degrees]C before bacteria isolation.