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the wrist bone between the trapezium and the capitate bones

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Even if your sister didn't overstep so unnervingly on the Great Tolerant Trapezoid Incident, it would still be your prerogative to decide whom you do and don't invite to your home.
Two trapezoids, a rectangle, and an octagon are evenly aligned to read like a four-letter word.
A line between them would run north-northwest to south-southeast and bisect the trapezoid. All six stars make a 2' D, belly southwest.
The intertemporal circular flow, Rothbard's trapezoid, is built in such a way (as is any circular flow actually) that one person's spending is someone else's income.
Upon completion of the triangle, rhombus, and trapezoid charts, the PSTs individually completed the second page of the magnified pattern block designs recording sheet (refer Figure 4).
Ossendrijver deciphered those tablets with the aid of a fifth Babylonian tablet held by the British Museum that he identified as containing nearly complete instructions for carrying out trapezoid procedures.
Indeed, the Babylonians went a step further and even worked out that the area under the trapezoid was the distance travelled by Jupiter.
The trapezoid body type is characterised by broad shoulders and chest with relatively narrow hips and waist.
Trim height of triangle to 9 1/2" to make trapezoid (Diagram I).
Posteromedial triangular projection of T1 into T2 strong; S2 irregularly widely horseshoe-shaped, with blunt apex, S3 irregularly vertically trapezoid, S4 horizontally trapezoid, S5 irregularly trapezoid.
The lower grille adopts the trapezoid shape that's a common feature of the latest Toyota models and has a gloss black metallic finish, while at the rear there's a new combination lamp design with ''light guide'' treatment and red inner lenses.
The lower grille adopts a trapezoid shape and has a gloss black metallic finish, while changes in the cabin include a dark silver metallic finish for the driver's switchgearand a chrome finish for the door handles.
MatriStem Pelvic Floor Matrix is currently available in 9x9x12cm (trapezoid) size, with four new sizes being added to the product line: 5x5cm, 4x12cm, 7x10cm, and 10x15cm.