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a polyhedron whose faces are trapeziums

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where S' is the surface of the trapezohedron and [[sigma].sub.S'] the surface charge density, which is expanded by means of uniform basis functions on each cell.
Do the Shining Trapezohedron's suggestive powers drive Blake mad, or had he accidentally beckoned an interstellar demon by looking at it?
Several shelves of a big glass wall case facing the front door were decked out in green and orange--superlative demantoid specimens alternating with big, gemmy trapezohedrons of Tanzanian spessartine.
A close examination of the rounded edges reveals minute facets of the dodecahedron, tetrahexahedron and trapezohedron. One of the cube faces reveals terraced growth lines, a feature common to Norilsk sperrylite as well.
This is the reason for the development of large trapezohedron faces on the elongated prism faces (see Fig.
In individual quartz crystals we can distinguish handedness only if faces of the trigonal trapezohedron x, very commonly accompanied by the trigonal pyramid s, are present.
The predominant form is the {211} trapezohedron, often modified by small cube faces.
The dominant form is the trapezohedron {211} and the minor form is the rhombic dodecahedron {110}.
The spessartine crystals, for which the dominant form is the trapezohedron modified by the dodecahedron, formed late, and are associated commonly with smoky quartz, feldspar and mica, less commonly with other minerals such as pyrite.
A single crystal was found showing two {hkl} corner modifications, which were identified as the faces (112) and (121) of the trapezohedron form (112).
The habit is a combination mainly of the dodecahedron and cube, modified by small octahedron faces and very small faces of two trapezohedron forms.
In addition traces of the {211} trapezohedron are present as the very narrow, highlighted lines at the intersection of the dodecahedron faces.
Crystals up to 1.8 cm are found as isolated, opaque white trapezohedrons inside breccia cavities.
The pale brown "pseudoleucite" trapezohedrons reach 5 cm, and are well exposed on their lumps of still paler brown matrix, the lumps reaching 10 cm.
Even more beautiful were some miniature specimens of almandine-spessartine on schorl, both species performing brilliantly: the garnets are flashing, deep red, part-gemmy trapezohedrons to 2.5 cm, and the schorl crystals on whose prism faces they rest are bright black (however, one or both ends of most of the schorls are broken off).