trapezius muscle

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either of two flat triangular muscles of the shoulder and upper back that are involved in moving the shoulders and arms

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Previous studies have highlighted the contribution of the anterior serratus and trapezius muscles given their motor and stabilizing contributions on the scapula (2,19).
The small sample of subjects may have contributed to the non-significance of the results of upper trapezius muscle strength testing.
However, lower pain threshold values were observed in the masticatory and trapezius muscles of individuals with muscle and joint TMD when compared to the control group.
The randomized control trial articles were selected with inclusion criteria including intervention of DN into the trapezius muscles, clinical trials, musculoskeletal pain in proximal upper quadrant (neck, cervical, shoulder, scapular, upper back, and upper thorax), and studies that compared the effects of DN to alternative treatments pain reduction, sham DN, or pure control.
Influence of scapular position on the pressure pain threshold of the upper trapezius muscle region.
Finally, it transverses the posterior triangle of the neck, superficial to the prevertebral fascia, and terminates with its branches in the deep surface of the trapezius muscle. Some studies have also documented innervation of the upper trapezius directly from the cervical plexus [2].
Using this method, the upper trapezius muscle thickness was measured at the most bulky area of the muscle (Figure 2).
At this point, the straight abdominal muscle has to work with the trapezius muscle and the broad back muscle--the take-off leg is stretched in the foot, knee, and hip, as is the torso--the calf muscle is substantially involved.
She had decreased strength of the trapezius muscle, sternocleidomastoid muscle, and proximal limbs, particularly the proximal part of the left lower limb, together with tenderness.
[7,8,5] In recent years, some authors have reported their good experience with trapezius muscle transfer for the paralytic shoulder after brachial plexus injuries.
After making an approximately 3 cm retroauricular skin incision (Figure la), the auricle was gently pulled rostrally and the trapezius muscle, great auricular nerve and parotid gland were identified under the thin layer of platysma muscle (Figure lb).
Positive Hawkins-Kennedy Test, positive Speed's test, positive lift off test, painful isometric contraction of supraspinatus, positive Neer's test, Positive apprehension-relocation test, and tenderness on trapezius muscle were the most common clinical signs observed in more than 40 % archers with CSP.
(12) The PPTs were examined with manual algometer in the following sites: (i) the middle point of the dorsum of the forearm; (ii) the middle point of the upper trapezius muscle; and (iii) paravertebral muscles at L1, L3, and L5 levels were examined bilaterally.
Cervical muscle tension was measured bilaterally at the superior part of the trapezius muscle using a tissue hardness meter (Muscle Meter PEK-1, Imoto Inc., Kyoto, Japan); the mean value of three measurements was recorded.