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a multiple star in the constellation of Orion

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the wrist bone on the thumb side of the hand that articulates with the 1st and 2nd metacarpals

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The JESS frame applied for trapezium fracture were removed at 6 weeks post-operative period.
FCR normally lies radial to the Palmaris Longus (PL) at the level of the wrist and enters a fibroosseous tunnel just proximal to the trapezium.
There was significant tenderness over the carpals, particularly at the trapezium, with associated reduced range of motion at the wrist and thumb.
In which joint of the human body would you find the trapezium bone?
A The miner's safety lamp B The penny-farthing bicycle C The dry dock D The method of making bone china QUESTION 11 - for 11 points: Where in the human body is the trapezium bone?
It is working on a CGD network for the Taj Trapezium region, comprising Agra and several towns in UP and Rajasthan.
The use of the word trapezium further confuses the situation.
Right in its midst is the quadruple star Theta1 (01) Orionis, also called the Trapezium, which illuminates the area.
The Supreme Court in December 1996 had put a ban on use of coal and coke in the Taj Trapezium Zone which comprises of 40 protected monuments, including the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.
A Anun B A horse C A knight in armour D A falconer QUESTION 9 - for 9 points: How many sides does a trapezium have?
The testers come standard with the firm's Trapezium X or Trapezium Lite X software to gather and display data for users in real time.
For example, Statement 2 states that "The diagonals of an isosceles trapezium are equal.
In the right hand there was a general crowding of carpals; trapezoid was absent and trapezium was hypoplastic.
These testers come standard with TRAPEZIUM X or TRAPEZIUM LITE X software to gather and display data for users in real-time.