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a multiple star in the constellation of Orion

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the wrist bone on the thumb side of the hand that articulates with the 1st and 2nd metacarpals

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Excision of trapezium bone with ligament stabilisation is often performed with predictably good results.
IF, trapezium ve trapezoid tek bolge olarak, skafoid, lunat, radius ve ulna) ve her ayak icin 6 eklem (5 metatarsofalangeal (MTF) eklem, 1.
The area of each trapezium is calculated from the length of its base multiplied by its mean height:
From line drawings using trapezium method [9] dependences of boat parameters relating load with boat complex mass m (the boat, oars, crew), boat draught T, the wetted surface area S and from Salkajev graphs [10] coefficients of vertical oscillations v were determined.
Junya Ishigami came to international attention with delicate wall drawings and microcosmic greenhouses at the Japanese Pavilion for the 2008 Venice Biennale (AR October 2008), but in Japan he'd launched his career a year or so earlier with a glazed trapezium for a university workshop in Kanagawa Prefecture (AR September 2008) and a cubic cloud hovering in a vertical hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
When a thirty-seven-year-old woman walks beside an adolescent (I'm eighteen and a half) in a buttoned winter coat on the footpaths of la Muette beneath the large apartments overlooking the small Balbec railway line that follows le Bois as far as the Porte d'Auteuil, today I project a state of being which, controlling my meditation and these pages I write, moves me more than the account and even the register of strong feelings: in the spring of 1954, Trefle arrives quite late in a corner of my Vieux Quartier that's cut out by a bistro shaped like a trapezium .
The implant is designed as a single component that minimizes bone resections and preserves the trapezium bone in the wrist.
John William Street formed the third side of a potential square - or rather, a trapezium - in front of the station.
Imbalance of the shoulder that has been affected by carrying an over-loaded bag due to the weakness of the upper trapezium (UT) muscle is a common cause of these disorders.
The AGS-X operates with Trapezium Lite X software macros, which automate saving and transfer of test results and printing of reports.
The area of water surface of a beaver impoundment was estimated by calculating the area of an isosceles triangle (base--width of the dam, considered as maximum width of the impoundment; apex--end point of the impoundment) or an isosceles trapezium (downstream base--width of the dam, upstream base--width of the impoundment at the next upstream dam).
The carpal tunnel is a space located posteriorly between the carpal bones of the wrist (moving from fight to left: trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, and hamate), forming the hard "carpal floor," and anteriorly, where the transverse carpal ligament forms a fibrous sheath or the "carpal roof" (see Fig 1).