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a multiple star in the constellation of Orion

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the wrist bone on the thumb side of the hand that articulates with the 1st and 2nd metacarpals

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For CMC arthritis, the surgeon may remove the trapezium and fill the remaining space with a piece of tendon or other tissue to cushion the joint.
The Trapezium stars are surrounded by younger stars who still have disks of material encircling them.
It arises from volar tubercle of the trapezium and inserts on volar ulnar aspect of first metacarpal.
Are there points I of the trapezium that lead to "balanced areas" (the sum of grey areas equals the sum of white areas)?
Regarding the upper fibers of the trapezium muscle, electrodes were placed at half the distance between the acromion and the spine of C7, longitudinally to their fibers, bilaterally [12-14].
This came after a division bench of the Supreme court, headed by Justice Madan Bhimrao Lokur, recently came down heavily on the Uttar Pradesh government for filing a draft vision document with respect to the Taj Mahal trapezium.
The central government submitted that the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur was conducting an assessment of air pollution level in and around the Taj Mahal and Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ) and the report would be given within four months.
Isolated fractures of the trapezium are rare injuries that account for 3-5% of all carpal fractures [1].
If the choices of land you have are trapezium, try to select one where the 'mouth' of the land is smaller than the pouch behind.
Most injuries were caused by road traffic accidents followed by fall of heavy object on hand and machinery related injuries; 22 phalangeal fractures and 4 metacarpal fractures and 2 trapezium fractures were seen.
The design of the Cartiva implant minimizes bone resection and preserves the trapezium and may provide for a quicker and less painful recovery than ligament reconstruction tendon interposition surgery or trapeziectomy.
1 Aldous Huxley turned down the offer of a knighthood 2 Ben-Hur, starring Charlton Heston, was released 3 Margaret Thatcher first became MP for Finchley 4 Francois Mitterrand escaped an assassination attempt in Paris impossipuzzles "It's a funny shape, a trapezium," said George.
An educational website I checked to make sure I was getting my mathematical terms straight tells me, "A trapezium is defined by the properties it does not have.
The radial artery was identified in the proximal aspect of the wound overlying the trapezium. It was mobilized proximally and protected.