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a line or series of traps

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As index of habitat complexity by each trap line we used the scores resulting from the first and second principal components (PC1 y PC2), because these condense all of the original variables into two measures of overall size.
In majority of the cases trap lines were selected 200-300 m away from the water line of the lakes.
Trap lines were set at least 100 m apart and within 1 km distance of the geo-referenced locality recorded for each site.
A short example will portray a day on the trap line.
Coming off the trap line, he was grinning from ear-to-ear.
Jimmy Stillas (1936-1990) was highly regarded as the Chief of the Ulkatcho First Nation in the hinterland of the West Chilcotin In October 1990, while out hunting on his grandfather's trap line, his snow machine went through the ice.
Trap-line locations within a site were restricted by the habitat types available, a patch size of greater than 100 m to fit a trap line within a single habitat type and a minimum distance of 100 m between samples.
The aircraft made several passes down the trap line while the spectators watched in awe as the pilots maneuvered these vintage planes in a seemingly slow-motion aerial dance.
The minimal adequate models using trap line as categorical explanatory variable (intermediate vs lateral) presented larger AIC values (individuals: AIC = 206.
A trap line is a very effective skip tracing investigation tool.
In a trap line, key characteristics--for example, character or character types in a particular location--are marked.
In 1951, at the age of 18, he bought his first truck with the money earned from the trap line.
The dogs are used to check the trap line (we had about 10 miles out this year), and as a form of entertainment.
The Grassy Narrows band is struggling to save the last few patches of old growth forest as well as trying to protect the trap line areas that are slated for clear-cutting.