trap line

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a line or series of traps

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Dan Clymer rarely anchors on the hard bottom of a crab trap line; rather, he considers plug trolling the most effective way to find his specialty--big gags.
Exploration is being conducted in five of the nine trap lines in the area.
I've caught tripletail, and seen cobia caught, right on the very trap lines we're about to pull.
The estimated completeness of the small mammal fauna for each trap line was similar along the elevational gradient (> 76%).
His mass was reverent, and during his spare time, he fished on the Lesser Slave Lake, held a registered trap line and still sometimes could be seen wearing his old Oblate Cassock and hat around Joussard.
Gregorio Bautista and other fisherman pulling a fish trap line
Baited rat-traps were placed adjacent to Museum Special snaptraps 3, 7, 11, 15, and 19, and 1-2 m from them perpendicular to the trap line on the side nearest the 100-m transect.
We chose to use immunohistochemistry rather than direct observation of YFP fluorescence from the protein trap line because it provides better sensitivity for examining the expression patterns, especially with the HthYFP line in embryos.
At 3 months old, Winter was found tangled in a crab trap line. The ordeal cost Winter her tail, but CMA volunteers worked with Mike Walsh, a leading marine mammal veterinarian, and Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics to create a one-of-a-kind prosthetic tail.
Although shrews were widespread at Kuzitrin Lake, all 6 species were also collected on a single pitfall trap line (within 100 m proximity) on 6 September 2011.
At one point, he put his back out on the trap line, but this was a tendency, which was caused by the physical work required in several of his earlier jobs.
Healy is in some ways a town all its own, unlike anywhere I've been, where the Post Office bulletin board boasts lynx hides for sale (from a local 4th-grader with a trap line) and the air smells like coal dust and tundra plants mixed by a muscular wind.
A lake will have multiple uses by more than one community, as a tourist camp in the summer and a trap line in the winter.
Coming off the trap line, he was grinning from ear-to-ear.
Jimmy Stillas (1936-1990) was highly regarded as the Chief of the Ulkatcho First Nation in the hinterland of the West Chilcotin In October 1990, while out hunting on his grandfather's trap line, his snow machine went through the ice.