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in a transverse manner

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The present paper is not only a natural extension of Hill's relations from isotropic materials to transversely isotropic materials, but also the natural generalization of transversely isotropic Hooke's law from infinitesimal strains to moderate strains.
As far back as two years, we have developed the scope of this movement to present guideline to students from justifying gatherings transversely over Pakistan through our conferred gathering of Torchbearers, and this year we will continue developing its exertion".
Because the engines are fitted transversely under the bonnet, the front end is very un-BMW like, or short.
The new compact, transversely mounted fours are designed with hybrid applications in mind.
It covers elements of the basic theory of anisotropic wave propagation, the influence of anisotropy on point-source radiation and amplitude variation with offset (AVO) analysis, normal-movement velocity in layered anisotropic media, nonhyperbolic reflection moveout, reflection moveout of mode-converted waves, P-wave time-domain signatures in transversely isotopic media, velocity analysis and parameter estimation for vertical transverse isotopy (VTI) media, and P-wave imaging for VTI media.
For moving in restricted work areas, these machines feature the modern stylistic redesign of the G-Series range--compact dimensions come from the shorter frame as a result of the transversely mounted engine.
Smaller in size than many competitor machines, these models' compact dimensions come from the shorter frame as a result of the transversely mounted engine.
It's the same size as the engine used transversely in the X-type, but has more power and is mounted front to rear for rear wheel drive.
There's a seven-speed paddleshift box mounted transversely behind the engine, kerb weight is just 1350kg and the whole plot, including those fabulous gullwing doors, is made of carbon fibre wrapped around a carbon titanium skeleton.
Contrary to the description in the article "Bad vibrations for Javelin passengers" (News, PE 22 September) that state that the yaw damper "which sits on the bogie, are transversely mounted .
Lance Futures will be launching the said accounts and will be diversifying class fund assets transversely with a well-learned team of money managers whose expertise in technical strategies would help diversify portfolios of the investors as they are well-versed in counter-trend, pattern recognition, intra-market spreads and option volatility arbitrage.
7 mm wide cut transversely across the midpoint of the leaves) were prepared.
The design was described as 'a transversely offset, double-level armrest' that allowed 'two adjacent passengers to rest their arms on the armrest simultaneously, without bumping into each other, as if being given a few inches of extra width'.
The melt-spun fibers were transversely compressed in a Wabash compression molding press at room temperature under 27.
Features a spacious cab, easy-to-read instrument panel and transversely mounted engine in a frame small enough to access and work in some of the tightest job sites