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a high-pitched woodwind instrument

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It is true that Vivaldi sometimes sanctions alternative scorings (RV106, for example, can be performed by two violins and cello), but four of the works recorded here are marked specifically for transverse flute rather than recorder, while RV103 is for oboe rather than violin, and bassoon is the normal bass instrument called for by Vivaldi.
Jana Semeradova--Baroque transverse flute, Lenka Torgersen--Baroque violin, Bertrand Cuiller--harpsichord, Hana Flekova--cello.
The program features virtuosos on exotic instruments including the dizi transverse flute and the erhu, a fiddle.
One notable feature with one of the pieces presented here (the Quartet in d minor) is that it combines the performances of the transverse flute and recorder, two instruments that were vying for dominance at the time.
The historical and musical importance of Antonio Vivaldi's six concertos for transverse flute, four-part strings, and continuo, which were published as opus 10 in Amsterdam by Michel-Charles Le Cene in 1729, is undeniable.
Harmonie Transverse Flute Concert, sponsored by the First Parish Church, with proceeds to benefit the music ministry of the church.
and available today in a facsimile edition (Geneva: Minkoff, 1972) as well as in an English translation (A New Method for Learning to Play the Transverse Flute, trans.
By some strange circumstance, the first conservatory to establish a department of early music was that of Bari, founded in 1993, with chairs in lute, recorder, transverse flute and harpsichord, to which will soon be added viola da gamba and Gregorian chant.
No new works are added to the volume: A recently identified early sonata in D major for transverse flute (HWV 378), which logically belongs here, is inconveniently placed in a separate volume (ser.
Quantz himself notes in his Versuch einer Anweisung die Flote traversiere zu spielen (1752) and in his `Lebenslauf' (1754, published 1755), that his concern with improving the properties of the flute initially showed itself in Paris in 1726, when he `had the second key added to the transverse flute for the first time'.
Court flutist at Dresden and later flute tutor to King Frederick the Great of Prussia, Quanta was also an innovator in flute making and a pathbreaking composer for the transverse flute, for which he wrote some five hundred sonatas and concertos as well as a substantial number of trio sonatas and other works.
7) And a passage in Telemann's 1767 interval system, in which he attempts a theoretical demonstration of chromatic and enharmonic relationships, indicates his approval of Quantz's addition of a second key to the transverse flute, an innovation designed to improve the instrument's intonation and make it possible to distinguish between D# and Eb.
The recorder edition names the flute as an alternate solo instrument, disregarding the headings in the original engraved print for the individual sonatinas, which name only bassoon and cello for these two works; only the four remaining sonatinas are designated for transverse flute and violin.
Thus, volumes 1 and 2 include all the cantatas for soprano or alto voice that employ at least one transverse flute or recorder; subsequent volumes will concentrate on other combinations: trumpet (or oboe) and violin (vol.
That on woodwind articulation is chiefly, and briefly, confined to Hotteterre (whose book, with Quantz's, primarily concerns the transverse flute, not the recorder as is suggested on p.