transverse colon

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the part of the large intestine that extends across the abdominal cavity and joins the ascending to the descending colon

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Potential mimickers of the cupola sign can occur with the presence of air within the lesser sac, gas within the high transverse colon, gas within a horizontally-oriented stomach, pneumopericardium, or pneumomediastinum.
Matsuo S, Eto T, Ohara O, Miyazaki J, Tsunoda T, Kanematsu T: Gastrocolic fistula originating from transverse colon cancer: report of a case and review of the Japanese literature.
Tumors in the descending colon and transverse colon were much less frequent than tumors in the cecum/ascending colon and sigmoid colon (Table 3).
Here we present a case report of complete transection of 3rd part of duodenum along with partial transection of transverse colon following blunt injury abdomen, operative management and the surgical technique have been described and discussed.
The specimen included 15 cm of distal ileum and ascending and transverse colon to the splenic flexure.
The ascending and part of the transverse colon was used, basing the blood supply on the middle colic artery.
CT (Figures 1-4) revealed the classic "bowel within bowel" configuration with intervening mesenteric vessels in the region of the proximal transverse colon (right hypochondrium of the patient) over a segment of approximately 8 cm with a 2.
A female patient was diagnosed at the age of 46 years with a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the transverse colon without evidence of distant metastases.
2, the retained sponge folded in 2 layers was lying embedded in the transverse mesocolon and causing a large perforation on the mesenteric border of transverse colon.
Therefore a laparotomy was performed in which a gastric antral mass was identified; with the transverse colon adherent to the stomach on the serosal aspect of the mass.
In 2 patients, the transverse colon was reduced from the hernia sac (Fig.
Most of the time, intussuceptions are encountered in the right upper quadrant or at the level of the mid transverse colon.
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