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Synonyms for transubstantiate

to change into a different form, substance, or state

Synonyms for transubstantiate

change (the Eucharist bread and wine) into the body and blood of Christ

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This is the mystery of the subjective transubstantiating into the objective.
In the course of the essay, "Love" is revealed, increasingly, as Christian love, transcending sensation and the body, transubstantiating one order of existence into another, higher one.
1942-1943, he claimed that the purpose of "genuine myth," is to conserve, to develop, to bring together, to make significant for the present what the past holds, without dilution or any deleting, but rather by understanding and transubstantiating the material ...
In a parody of sacred numerology, Obadiah charges around him three times in an effort to stop, thus transubstantiating him.
In the present instance, it serves the argument that the Joycean project begins - in his work as a whole as in Ulysses in particular - with a parody of transubstantiation, and that it continues by transubstantiating much of Catholicism.
The purpose of the "phallic hunt" of the man is to "smelt out the heaviest ore of the [woman's] body into purity," transubstantiating its devalued shit-substance into the supreme gift and token of love (257).(15) Instead of degrading the earth, this new erection retrieves and restores it.
Giles uses another film classic, Coppola's The Godfather (1972), to illustrate what he sees as the analogical style of Catholic art and its wide resonance with audiences: "The fact that the iconography of The Godfather has passed into public legend testifies to Coppola's success in transubstantiating a mediocre gangster story into the high realm of myth, a transformation that in itself resembles the Catholic process of sacramentally investing mundane reality with a form of magical grace" (p.
But there was nothing they could do to stop the union from transubstantiating the most hallowed icons of American culture into symbols of class-conscious struggle.