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Synonyms for transubstantiate

to change into a different form, substance, or state

Synonyms for transubstantiate

change (the Eucharist bread and wine) into the body and blood of Christ

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She reveals that the finest creators and authors ultimately become both the giver and the given, the creator and the crucified, both the priest who transubstantiates the word into flesh and the expended sacrifice itself.
Ramsay's name, and her ecstatic overflow of artistic expenditure again create an enchanted tableau that magically transubstantiates the word into flesh as Lily brings Mrs.
The body grows more and more ethereal, outstretched, transparent, shining, other-worldly--like a soul." From Henri Bergson, with whom he had studied in Paris, Kazantzakis had adopted the idea of an elan vital, a vital impetus that transubstantiates flesh into spirit, that is "God" in its ascent toward a realm of pure spirit and freedom-- even from freedom itself.
The lovers are two molecules, the least number that "can with full tension strain" but the poem ends not in triumph but in fear of the woman: the relationship approaches, in Donne's famous image, "the spider love, which transubstantiates all,/ And can convert manna to gall": We two suffice.
Due to the nature of this subject, as well as Caponegro's use of images with strong psychoanalytic and feminist currency (such as the father's house, the daughter's phallic tail, and the mother's milk which "transubstantiates" into ink), the stories lend themselves to readings a la Jacques Lacan and Luce Irigaray.
The milk-sap of the pandanus trees, the milk of female nature, is suckled by men; in their bodies it transubstantiates into the male milk of their penises.
In Modest_Witness, Haraway transubstantiates the trope of the cyborg into that of the vampire.
in a landscape," an important concept for how well the Infosphere transubstantiates nature's sense of "place."
Boxer's work reminds us of Hans Hofmann's belief that painting is "a process of metabolism, whereby color transubstantiates into vital forces that become the real sources of painterly life." It is not just a thing in itself.
God transubstantiates as authentically in rice and corn as in wheat.
It transubstantiates what is absent (Heaney's real wife) so that the word's "slender vowel" takes on her bodily form and his wife's presence permeates "the night earth and air/ of California." In "The Skunk" the process by which the 'otherness' of Heaney's wife is sacramentalized in the California night is complex but lyrically provocative:
It is just a minor example of the subtle but pervasive manner in which technology "transubstantiates" life into a mere simulation of itself, erasing all memories of what has gone before.