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Synonyms for transubstantiate

to change into a different form, substance, or state

Synonyms for transubstantiate

change (the Eucharist bread and wine) into the body and blood of Christ

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God transubstantiates as authentically in rice and corn as in wheat.
Put differently, because racial knowledge transubstantiates (shifts them from the living to the formal register) what emerges in political relations into effects of efficient (scientific reason's) causality, its critical tools fail to register how the total (past, present, and future) value expropriated is in the very structures (in blood and flesh) of global capital.
Boxer's work reminds us of Hans Hofmann's belief that painting is "a process of metabolism, whereby color transubstantiates into vital forces that become the real sources of painterly life.
In "Twicknam Garden" (1633), he wrote about love, a condition he likened to a spider because of its ability to infuse poison into everything, "The spider love, which transubstantiates all, / And can convert manna to gall.
Bread transubstantiates itself and becomes God himself, which then one swallows.
Gall" appears five times in Donne's poetry, the most relevant for our purposes being in "Twicknam Garden": "But O, self traitor, I do bring / The spider love, which transubstantiates all, / And can convert manna to gall" (5-7).
The land incorporates the very bodies and suffering of the African Americans and transubstantiates it into the crops and other natural resources that economically fed the white-controlled South.
Noticeably, as the fresh or dried root is mixed with water, and the plant transubstantiates, the herald declares: 'Yaqona bulabula', 'Yaqona, alive, alive
The lovers are two molecules, the least number that "can with full tension strain" but the poem ends not in triumph but in fear of the woman: the relationship approaches, in Donne's famous image, "the spider love, which transubstantiates all,/ And can convert manna to gall":
in a landscape," an important concept for how well the Infosphere transubstantiates nature's sense of "place.
For its part the costume transubstantiates the shaman.
As a common symbol for regeneration, the fire in the poem transubstantiates the letters and words into a different form, that of a consumable product.
43) Lawyers believe that judges will think them competent and credible if they use correct citation form, and judges believe that the provision of a citation transubstantiates a mere "unpublished opinion" into "the law.
The milk-sap of the pandanus trees, the milk of female nature, is suckled by men; in their bodies it transubstantiates into the male milk of their penises.
It transubstantiates what is absent (Heaney's real wife) so that the word's "slender vowel" takes on her bodily form and his wife's presence permeates "the night earth and air/ of California.