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Synonyms for transubstantiate

to change into a different form, substance, or state

Synonyms for transubstantiate

change (the Eucharist bread and wine) into the body and blood of Christ

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[but] for those in favor of the Latin, the barrier to understanding facilitated a mystical relation to the language, a relation that reinforced the transubstantial, incarnational logic of other elements of the mass" (57).
An implicit extra calvinisticum not only rejected a transubstantial interpretation of the elements, but it also brought Teellinck to argue that for the believer Jesus was no longer on the cross nor to be perceived as presently on the cross but as one who had completed the sacrifice, finished with the cross, and now resided in heaven.
This transubstantial mystery is ultimately eucharistic in its significance for a Western audience--something that FitzGerald's wine-dark import of a poem never forgets.
In "Sainte," written in 1865 and originally entitled "Sainte Cecile jouant sur l'aile d'un cherubin," the patron saint of music is also figured as an abstract body in which the material and spiritual coexist in a kind of transubstantial process.
So there is drama in the place but, as usual with Ando, the whole is suffused with light, calm and tranquillity: often almost transubstantial in its transformation of the most basic materials of building -- mud and metal -- into wonderful spaces.