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Synonyms for transsexual

a person who has undergone a sex change operation


a person whose sexual identification is entirely with the opposite sex

overwhelmingly desirous of being, or completely identifying with, the opposite sex

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The regulation (12) of SRP in the SUS addresses a normalization that aims to rescue the principles of universal access and comprehensive care, specifically in relation to the physical and psychosocial realms involved in the process of phenotypic and social transformation that characterizes transsexuality, primarily in the context of specialized care (2).
The decision to give such a report was made by joint interviews of three experts who were experienced in transsexuality and sex reassignment.
Keywords: Transsexuality, Lacanian psychoanalysis, symptom, sinthome, sexual difference.
In some Member States, doctors still view homosexuality as a disease and transsexuality as a mental disorder, according to findings from a new report by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA).
Although transsexuality has been a problematic issue in feminist theory, it poses critical questions, which undermine the capitalistic control of the gender order.
Professing Selves: Transsexuality and Same-Sex Desire in Contemporary Iran, by Afsaneh Najmabadi.
I'm not naiive enough to think hostility towards homosexuality, transsexuality and frankly anything perceived to be 'different' doesn't still exist in this day and age, but what I witnessed during Cardiff's largest event to celebrate diversity and equality, was utterly refreshing.
Mr Bucktin appears to feel that transgender, transsexuality are unremarkable but transrace is destructive - why?
The Making of a Man: Notes on Transsexuality tells of Maxim Februari, born Marjolijn, who in 2012 announced his intention to live as a man.
as understood through an empirical examination of transsexuality in all its complexity.
Transsexuality was legalised in Iran in 1987, with the state supporting sex change operations.
If this is not the case, one refers to trans-identity or transsexuality.
Hormones and psychosexual differentiation: implications for the management of intersexuality, homosexuality and transsexuality.
The experience proved to be a rollercoaster ride for Kellie, who now admits it may have come too soon after publicly revealing her transsexuality in the Sunday Mirror.