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condition in which a person assumes the identity and permanently acts the part of the gender opposite to his or her biological sex

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In 1980, Transsexualism was listed as a diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Third Edition (American Psychiatric Association, 1980) "gender dysphoric individuals who demonstrated at least two years of continuous interest in transforming the sex of their bodies and their social gender status" (Meyer et al.
The medicalisation of transsexualism in the Gender Recognition Act therefore preserves in spirit the notion of Corbett that behind the cases of transsexualism there lies an attainable 'truth' of the gendered subject which can be realised through measured, dispassionate scientific analysis and which precedes the subject itself.
24) All too often, transsexualism is misconstrued as just
Intersexuality, Transsexualism and the "Sex"/"Gender'" Binary, 1 FEMINIST THEORY 347 (2000).
The team included Professor Richard Green and Dr Domenico Di Ceglie, world experts in transsexualism and gender incongruence in young people respectively, and by Emma Martin, a clinical psychotherapist and herself transsexual.
The court noted that he had not been listed as an author of GID research (journal articles or book chapters), nor had he directly treated GID patients since the mid-1980s; however, the court commented that "he has been active in the clinical and teaching aspects of transsexualism.
Storrow, Naming the Grotesque Body in the "Nascent Jurisprudence of Transsexualism," 4 MICH.
And we continue our series on Living a Catholic Life with articles on abortion by Vanna Moore and transsexualism by Hilary Howes.
Originally, its purpose was overcoming the intolerance of transvestitism and transsexualism brought about by widespread ignorance.
For imprisoned trans people to receive treatment, they must obtain documented, pre-incarceration diagnoses of Gender Identity Disorder (GID) or Transsexualism by a doctor.
But having one's gender in sports be determined by one's life history would contradict the IOC/IAAF "Stockholm Consensus" on transsexualism, which allows athletes to play in their posttransition genders and requires a high-surveillance, medically managed hormonal shift.
There had already been a number of decisions in which courts and tribunals had found that distinguishing on the basis of transsexualism could amount to gender and disability discrimination.
The medical term for transsexualism is "Gender Identity Disorder.