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condition in which a person assumes the identity and permanently acts the part of the gender opposite to his or her biological sex

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Transsexualism is often understood, by transsexual persons, medical
164/1982 was very vague in defining transsexualism and what were "the sexual characteristics" affected by surgical intervention and allowing a restrictive judicial intervention directed to surgical removal of sexual organs and then reconstructive surgery giving precedence exclusively to biological appearance.
The man who would be queen: The science of gender-bending and transsexualism.
Evidence of the biological basis for people behaving differently than the gender behavior assigned to them by society is spread across 22 scientific disciplines, says Bevan, but that evidence is necessary to set or change governmental, medical, and cultural policies and attitudes towards transsexualism and transgenderism.
The issue of transsexualism is different from the one of same-sex marriages or unions.
A BAHRAINI lawyer, who is believed to be the only Arab legal practitioner in the Gulf specialising in transsexualism, claims to have been inundated with calls from prospective clients who want to have a sex change.
MANY myths surround transsexualism - including the belief that it is sexually motivated.
Male transsexualism in Singapore: A description of 56 cases.
Bernier affirms, “with 'Myrna' we are seeking to elevate the public's understanding on the oft times misconstrued topic of transsexualism - it's time we stop depicting the sole image of transgender people in popular media as being relegated to the peripheries of society such as drug addicts and prostitutes.
Successively termed transsexualism, [1] gender identity disorder [2] and now gender dysphoria (GD), [3] a defining criterion is the person's discontent with their assigned gender.
The SOC acknowledge the difficulty in accurately estimating the prevalence of transsexualism and transgenderism due to the lack of thorough epidemiologic studies; however, the SOC depict that the trend of people seeking clinical care is rising.
The Forum by Liu and Lu [6] discusses the current situation regarding transsexualism in China.
71) The appeals court held that the diagnosis of transsexualism did not matter in the determination of discrimination because "[s]ex stereotyping based on a person's gender non-conforming behavior is impermissible discrimination, irrespective of the cause of that behavior.
The jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights is not as rich as in the case of other issues related to the respect for private life, transsexualism being rarely encountered.