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Synonyms for transsexual

a person who has undergone a sex change operation


a person whose sexual identification is entirely with the opposite sex

overwhelmingly desirous of being, or completely identifying with, the opposite sex

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The same obviously cannot be said for a M2F transsexual who has not had such surgery, even if the person dresses and acts like a woman, since the presence of a penis and testicles amidst girls who were showering or changing could be very disconcerting - and perhaps even threatening - to say the least, suggests Banzhaf.
Tiffany-Rose, 23, said she came up with the idea because she was always being asked for help and advice by transsexuals while she was out on the town or on social media.
6million to stop tapes being made public, including ones of him having sex with men, women and a transsexual.
According to US reports: "Casper has been a single guy and can text or see whoever he wants, but the idea he was knowingly texting a transsexual is laughable.
com/2014/05/exclusive-jennifer-lopezs-beau-casper-smart-is-having-sex-with-my-transexual-friend-sofie/) Web site stunned the avid readers with its claims that Smart has been having intimate encounters with a Sofia Vissa, a transsexual model.
To allow a transsexual to change sex and have the physical appearance of a person of the opposite sex, to bear the cost of treatment incurred by the health insurance system, but not to allow him to rectify all his acts of civil status, according to his new identity, is, no doubt, a paradoxical situation, which can be interpreted the same as the European Court of Human Rights, as a tacit recognition by default, of transsexuals, but in a traditionalist manner; this will definitely change over time, under the pressure not only of the evolution of science, but also of the Court's decisions.
Subsequently, the courts were more sympathetic in their judgments concerning transsexuals, as in the case of A v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police (2005) in which a male-to-female post-operative transsexual had been refused employment on the basis that she would not be able to carry out all her duties as a police constable, specifically the requirement in section 54(9) of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 that personal searches of detained persons be conducted by someone 'of the same sex as the person searched.
The Elements of a Better Policy for Transsexual Inmate
The study's main finding revealed that transsexuals who are open with others about their gender identity in the workplace are happier and more productive workers than those who are not open.
in the path toward securing full medical recognition for the transsexual birth condition.
Part III argues that the sex equality model underpinning the change in the United Kingdom should be imported into the United States to resolve the state court split in favor of recognizing the acquired sex of a post-operative transsexual.
Since 1999 a Court of Appeal ruling in the case of R v North West Lancashire Health Authority means it is every health board's duty to treat the transsexual community with gender dysphoria, yet in her experience there is a postcode lottery in Wales and they are flouting the Court of Appeal ruling.
The judge said he had found "that there was no duty in either public law or discrimination law to classify all treatment and procedures sought by transsexuals as high priority or core procedures".
Bree Osborne is only one of the more recent examples in a five-decades-long pageant of cinematic transsexual characters appearing in American and Western European films that fall along a spectrum from freak-show sexploitation, to earnest depictions of gender identity struggles, to the metaphorical use of transsexualism in exploring sexual, racial, religious, and political attitudes.
Tasha endures drunken clients, violent pimps, and aggressive competition from other transsexual prostitutes, but what really frightens her are the raids mounted by police and religious authorities.