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capable of changing sequence


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The movement of transposable elements and changes in DNA methylation, possibly through the function of small interfering RNA (Lippman et al.
By examining the DNA of hundreds more typica moths and ruling out mutations one by one, the team ended up with one candidate: the large transposable element, which had landed in the cortex gene.
Mutants of Psm using pTn5cat1 were obtained through conjugal transfer of pMC505 containing the transposable element from the auxotrophic strain E.
CTX-M-15]-open reading frame 477 transposable unit was also identified in other incompatibility groups of the plasmids in Enterobacteriaceae.
4) Ali's investigation of two prominent Igbo pottery communities--Ishiagu and Afikpo--is transposable to the contexts of practices in other communities in West Africa, especially in Ghana.
All the waxy and low-amylose types arose by the insertions of transposable elements into the waxy gene.
Adirondack Guide Boat on Mink Pond is almost transposable with Homer's except my guideboat is closer to shore, just about where it appears in Homer's painting.
Most remarkably, we found the genetic changes that likely underlie the evolution of pregnancy are linked to domesticated transposable elements that invaded the genome in early mammals.
HADS is a screening instrument for depression and it is not completely transposable to ICD-10 criteria for diagnosis of depression.
Richard Wilson, will use the Irys System in their workflow as they determine the sequence, location and orientation of genes and transposable elements in the human genome.
There have been successive waves of retrotransposon activity in primate evolution, when a transposable element changed to become expressed and replicated itself throughout the genome until something turned it off," Salama said.
54) By such insertion, transposable elements (TEs) can add, control, or become part of genetic regulatory sequences.
Several types of markers are used, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), simple sequence repeats (SSRs, or microsatellites), restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs), and transposable element positions.
The naturally occurring variation is the insertion of a transposable element - an invasive snippet of DNA - at a specific position on Indy.
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