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There is one medium, though, that provides a transcendental ground for the mutual transposability of music, visual images, and verbal signifiers--and that is poetry.
A film and a novel, despite the inevitable changes in manifestation (or sujet) imposed by the capabilities of their different media, may both tell what is recognizably the same "story"; and, in Chatman's words, "This transposability of the story is the strongest reason for arguing that narratives are indeed structures independent of any medium" (Story and Discourse 20).
Spivak's work functions as a bracing caution against the casual transposability of terms like "diaspora," "immigration," "transnationality, and "globalization.
Of course, greater transposability comes at a cost.
But in imitating imitative translation, Derrida also obeys its laws by giving it some very different turns or twists: for instance, where a Horatian imitator reincarnates an original for a different time and place, Derrida rewords; where a Horatian imitator celebrates the transposability of the original to a different time and place, Derrida insists on the moment of untranslatability, on the untransposable and "untouchable" dimension of the original text; and where a Horatian imitator revises or supplements what is present in an original, Derrida adjoins his text to the original's absences, failures, and lacks.
In "Ur-gerausch," metaphorical space predominates: fields, regions, extensions, territories, planes, peripheries, and maps are metaphors for senseexperience that enable the narrator to imagine the transposability of the visual and the acoustic.
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